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We Can’t Talk About Bohemian Rhapsody Without Talking About Bryan Singer
Now, no one involved with Bohemian Rhapsody wants to talk about Singer. And while the film received a number of negative reviews from critics—though not, incidentally, from me—audiences loved it. It’s just the latest film, and certainly not the last, to be tainted by what we euphemistically and vaguely call a problematic director. Anyone who loves the film is required to love it with an asterisk.Asterisks of this sort are piling up, and as they do, they become the enemy of art, a specter force dogging even our initial unconscious response to a work, not to mention any more thoughtful and nuanced observation that might follow. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a Bryan Singer movie—or a Woody Allen movie, or a Bernardo Bertolucci movie, or any movie produced by Harvey Weinstein—now has to append at least one asterisk, if not several, to any declaration of love or even just of simple enjoyment: “I loved [insert movie name here], but in no way do I condone the behavior of [insert filmmaker name here].
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14 days ago by thomas.kochi

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