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january 2019 by pmhswe
Stumbled upon 300+ .mts files. Do most people rewrap these as .mp4 or pretend like .mts is cool?
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november 2018 by verwinv
With a start time of 1am, No Time To Wait = No Time To Sleep for this remote attendee 😴⏰
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october 2018 by verwinv
Display Calibration Best Practices – Netflix | Partner Help Center
Need to calibrate your display for workflows? Netflix has a handy tech resource here:
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september 2017 by verwinv
(500) https://www.irrawaddy.com/features/saving-film-heritage.html
Saving Film Heritage: Myanmar’s celebrated late director Maung Wunna's
film archive
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august 2017 by verwinv
Correct placement of labels is critical for items!! :)
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august 2017 by jcarletonoh
Archiving resource gives up - Post Courier
The last Betacam VTR of the PNG National Film Institute Audiovisual Archive has finally given up
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may 2017 by verwinv
Project IRENE brings lost cultures back to life | The Daily Californian
Culture and language preservation through migration of technology: that's at the heart of
avpreservation  from twitter_favs
may 2017 by verwinv

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