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tawabids: Phil Coulson Plus One
It is the eve of Phil's Mother's birthday. The house is full of rich, educated Coulsons, Clint is feeling inadequate, Phil is trying to keep his cool and an interdimensional nightmare monster is attacking Long Island.
fic  avengers  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  action/adventure  <10K  +2012-09 
yesterday by spatz
From here to infinity by niewypowiedziane
In a world where superheroes are still secret, Steve walks past a homeless man every morning on his way to work. Then they save the world together - but it's not enough.
avengers  a/u:canondivergence  gen 
yesterday by miteymidget
Launch Your Assault - foxxcub - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Phil Coulson was more than halfway through his six year plan, and everything was chugging along nicely.

Unfortunately, he hadn’t foreseen a cocky junior Art major waltzing into his life, or his floor.
avengers  au 
yesterday by blue6545
Pangea - Coffee Date - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
The Avengers have once again saved the world from an alien invasion. Go figure, right? But even superheroes need a coffee break every now and then, and Tony Stark knows just how to organize one. Naturally, Erik is the only one not amused.
charles/erik  xmen  avengers  explicit  humor  favorite 
yesterday by misbegotten
The Odyssey by buckyjerkbarnes
"No," Diana murmured, "we fight to protect the men, women and children who are suffering uselessly under the thumbs of infantile dictators. Those men are not leaders—they are whining children, bullies to those who hold less power than them."

If Steve were awake, Bucky knew damn well he'd have hearts in his eyes.

He wasn't the only one who seemed to be having the same series of thoughts as Monty breathed: "My god, there are two of them."

[Alternatively known as "The Frisbee Friends" for Diana and Steve set to be future shield-bros. Ranges from 1944 to 2011.]
*Note: chapters 1-6 were all written before the release of Wonder Woman (2017)
avengers  stucky  crossover  wonderwoman 
2 days ago by miteymidget
Don't Disappoint - Chapter 1 - spacestationwedding - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky gasped, clenching the tissue to his chest and hiding his face in the crook of Steve’s neck. “Yes, yes, daddy-I’m sorry, I- I touched myself. Couldn’t help it, I…” he trailed off, knowing he wasn’t technically lying by saying so. He was just omitting the part where he let some strange guy come all up in his hole. Steve’s hole, he was Steve’s hole, and he’d just gone and given it away like it was nothing. He had to tell him.
angst  OMFGSOHOT  Steve/Bucky  Dom!Steve  sub!Bucky  rating:NC-17  fic  Avengers 
2 days ago by geophile
Fear and Loathing in Asgard by Speranza
Loki intends to make Thor miserable, but somehow his plan goes awry.
avengers  thor/loki  lokijoinstheavengers  hothothot 
2 days ago by punkheid
What's Good for the Goose by Taste_is_Sweet
We all have soulmates, and every soulmate pair shares an animal guide. The Guide is there to lead you to your One True Love, and they represent the aspects of the psyche that you both share. They appear when you're about to meet your soulmate, and often materialize in moments of great personal crisis, offering hope and support. There are stories upon stories about how someone's Guide appeared to lead them to their One True, or how the barest glimpse of their Guide eased their hearts and gave them hope in the midst of despair. The newly-rescued almost always attribute their Guide with giving them the strength and courage to hang on.

Animal Guides are ephemeral, ethereal, and elusive. They are, most often, no more than a warm presence or flicker out of the corner of one's eye. They are incarnate symbols of perseverance, optimism and hope. Foretellers of happiness, and the grand destiny of love.

Except for geese. Geese are assholes.
avengers  a/u:soulmates  bucky/tony 
3 days ago by miteymidget
A Bureaucratic Nightmare - Chapter 1 - Mikey (mikes_grrl) - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
As a child, Phil Coulson was vaccinated against whooping cough. In one version of the story, the vaccination held and he went on to become Agent Coulson, SHIELD bad-ass and Avengers liaison. In another, though, he was one of the few the vaccine doesn't protect and he nearly died when he was ten, suffering permanent lung damage and recurrent asthma. This is the story of what happened after that.
3 days ago by blue6545
Buratino by <user name="domarzione" site="AO3">
Bucky healing in Wakanda, with a little help from Steve and a lot of help from T'Challa and Shuri. Lovely,
blackpanther  captainamerica  avengers  july-18 
3 days ago by victoria.p
drabbleandfluff: Be Prepared and Bring Extra Change
Clint's just trying to do his laundry (quietly and under the radar), when a man walks into the Laundromat.
fic  avengers  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  precanon  ust  firstmeetings  <5K  +2013-10 
3 days ago by spatz
copperbadge: The Best Bad Ideas
When Clint Barton put on the Captain America costume for a mission, he didn't count on Phil Coulson's reaction. Coulson didn't count on Clint crashing his new team to do something about it.
fic  avengers  x-men  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  humor  pining  capers&cons  telepathy  +2013-12 
3 days ago by spatz
iamshadow21: Lucky Pennies
In Clint Barton's official SHIELD file, there is a supplemental form with a string of letters and numbers indicating a superhuman ability. On it, there are two pieces of information. The first is 'Asset-Reported Ability (unverified)'. The second is 'Combat/Field Applicable Ability Y/N'. 'N' is circled.

In which Clint can pick out genuinely lucky pennies for people. I really love this magic for Clint, it's very him: seemingly ordinary and everyday, until it's not.
fic  avengers  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  magic  trustissues  precanon  <10K  +2014-03 
4 days ago by spatz
lavvyan: These Things Happen
The Opera Ghost takes an interest in young tenor Steve Rogers. Clint isn't jealous.

Surprisingly adorable fusion with Phantom of the Opera, with Phil as the Phantom.
fic  avengers  marvel  slash  clint/coulson  au  <5K  +2013-06 
4 days ago by spatz

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