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These Fires Endure [by daymarket], PG-13
She’s the Fire Nation princess. She’s a nonbender. The two were never meant to be true at the same time, but with her family around her, anything is possible.
avatar!fic  *futurefic  canon!pairing(s)  genfic  *kid!fic  *parent!fic  *friendship  outsider-pov  Zuko  Mai  Aang  Katara  Sokka  Toph  Suki  °daymarket 
may 2014 by mayachain
The Greatest Earthbaby in the World [by cosmic_llin], PG
Toph really isn't sure about this whole having a baby thing. Sokka is there for her.
avatar!fic  genfic  Sokka  Toph  *kid!fic  *friendship  *futurefic  *parent!fic  *love!fic  *hug!fic  °cosmic_llin 
may 2014 by mayachain
Hide and Seek [by swiss army knife], PG
The gaang hones their skills playing a game of Hide and Seek, during which Zuko finds that he and Sokka make a surprising effective team.
avatar!fic  genfic  *friendship  Zuko  Sokka  Katara  Toph  Aang  °swissarmyknife 
april 2014 by mayachain
Eight Principles of Yong [by psocoptera], PG
The pen is mightier than the sword, or how Zuko saves the day via the power of good penmanship.
avatar!fic  canon!pairing(s)  *politics  Zuko  Katara  *backstory  °psocoptera 
march 2014 by mayachain
Theory In Practice [by thingswithwings], PG-13
"All right," the young woman says, brushing herself off briskly, apparently undaunted by the half-dozen Water Tribe guards who moved to surround her the moment she came through the portal. "Take me to your library."
avatar!fic  *crossover  *futurefic  °thingswithwings  Katara  HermioneGranger 
april 2013 by mayachain
Reassembled [by AtemisRae], PG
When they all come together again. Seven reunions in the immediate aftermath of Sozin's Comet.
avatar!fic  canon!pairing(s)  *post-canon  *love!fic  *injury!fic  *dream!fic  °artemisrae  *mental!issues 
january 2013 by mayachain

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