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Move Fast And Break Things - ozymandias314 - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
“Dr. Stark, I have had quite a lot of time to think about how to break this to you,” the man said, “and to be honest I haven’t figured out anything better than honesty. During the demonstration of your latest products, you were kidnapped by the Ten Rings terrorist organization; in the process, they hit you with various bits of shrapnel. I saved your life, but it shattered your spine and is lodged dangerously near your heart, giving you perhaps two weeks to live.”

Toni considered this.

“So what you’re saying,” Toni said, “is that the bad news is that I’m crippled, and the good news is that I’m not going to have to be crippled for very long.”
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Bucky/Tony  author:ozymandias314  category:fanfic  genre:slash  genre:het  trope:genderswap  admin:notkindled  admin:rating:good/fun  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:medium  atmosphere:upbeat  Av:film-compliant  Av:movie!canon  Av:Tony-is-kind-of-ADHD-here  genre:AU  genre:badassery  genre:banter  genre:divergantAU  genre:non-established-relationship  trope:AU:sameworld 
december 2017 by sumeria
We'll Run Like We're Awesome [Avengers fic by themonkeycabal, on AO3]
Tony frowned and tried another tack. "If you went to MIT you could take classes in Stark Hall. A Stark in Stark Hall. How awesome would that be?"

"So awesome I can't actually stand it, that's why I accepted Culver."

He gaped at her for a moment then turned back to his phone. "Fine, okay, fine, you win. You can go to Caltech. And I promise not to, you know, mock your halls of higher learning."

"I know that's a big sacrifice for you." Darcy comforted him with a pat on his back.

He nodded and sighed heavily. "It really is."

"So, I'll spare you that, and go to Culver instead. See how much I love you?"
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony&Darcy  author:themonkeycabal  category:fanfic  genre:nopairing  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:epic  admin:rating:awesomesauce  admin:rec  atmosphere:happy!fic  Av:Darcy-is-Awesome  Av:film-compliant  Av:movie!canon  Av:Tony-is-kind-of-ADHD-here  for.psiten  genre:AU  genre:banter  genre:friendship  genre:humor  trope:foundfamily  trope:AU:sameworld  admin:kindled  trope:children 
february 2014 by sumeria
Mr. July [Avengers fic by jibrailis, on AO3]
How have I not bookmarked this before...?
"I'm going to write this down and make a monument out of it," she said. "The day Tony Stark thought someone was too naked for their own good."

"If it was for good, Steve would drop trou in the middle of Times Square," Tony muttered. "As we have clearly discovered. If it was to support, I don't know, endangered panda bears, Steve would probably film softcore porn."

"Really?" Pepper asked dryly.

"He's a lot less shy than we might have been fooled into believing!" Tony insisted.
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony/Steve  author:jibrailis  category:fanfic  genre:slash  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:medium  admin:rating:sweet  admin:rec  atmosphere:warm  Av:movie!canon  Av:not-film-compliant  Av:Tony-is-kind-of-ADHD-here  genre:banter  genre:demi-pr0n  genre:firsttime  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:ust  trope:certain-levels-of-density-are-wildly-implausible  admin:kindled 
february 2013 by sumeria

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