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Noothigattu, et al. 2017, "A Voting-Based System for Ethical Decision Making"
We present a general approach to automating ethical decisions, drawing on machine learning and computational social choice. In a nutshell, we propose to learn a model of societal preferences, and, when faced with a specific ethical dilemma at runtime, efficiently aggregate those preferences to identify a desirable choice. We provide a concrete algorithm that instantiates our approach; some of its crucial steps are informed by a new theory of swap-dominance efficient voting rules. Finally, we implement and evaluate a system for ethical decision making in the autonomous vehicle domain, using preference data collected from 1.3 million people through the Moral Machine website.
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14 days ago by geephroh
Bob Lutz: Kiss the good times goodbye
Interesting spec-future from Bob Lutz:
"Bob Lutz is a former vice chairman and head of product development at General Motors. He also held senior executive positions with Ford, Chrysler, BMW and Opel."
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4 weeks ago by grahams
James Bridle / Autonomous Trap 001
I'm reading Maskelyne biog about illusions used in WW2.. btw you familiar with ?:-)
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5 weeks ago by psychemedia
moovelLab - who wants to be a self-driving car?
Nice… how about s/thing similar for “algorithms”, algo decisionmaking, etc? “Who wants to be a self-driving car?”
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7 weeks ago by psychemedia
The Self Driving Car Whiz Who Fell from Grace | WIRED
“I see Grand Challenge not as the end of the robotics adventure we’re on, it’s almost like the beginning,” Levandowski told Scientific American in 2005. “This is where everyone is meeting, becoming aware of who’s working on what, [and] filtering out the non-functional ideas.” Like ... XPRIZE?
xprize  autonomousvehicles  wired  uav  sensors 
10 weeks ago by WBedutech

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