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Will self-driving cars kill parking? | TechCrunch
And maybe they have a point. Off-street parking is widely available in cities, but largely underutilized. So why do we still have on-street parking? Part of the reason has been a lack of information, and at great cost. An IBM survey suggests that parking searches take between 13-32 minutes, account for up to 30 percent of traffic and produce harmful emissions. And think of the wasted gas. In today’s information age, is information a good excuse?
automotive  cities  future 
6 days ago by dancall
Will Apple Help Assemble the 'Internet of Places'? | Street Fight
The news that Apple is collecting its own data for Apple Maps may have implications for AR, too. Could 3D spatial maps for AR be a byproduct?
“One of the special sauce bits that Apple is adding to the mix of mapping tools is a full-on point cloud that maps in 3D the world around the mapping van,” Panzarino wrote in TechCrunch. “It seems like it also could enable positioning of navigation arrows in 3D space for AR navigation.”

This could mean a few things. One outcome—given mapping data around roadways—is point cloud data to support computer vision for autonomous vehicles. But the other possibility is scene geometry for ARkit developers to build more spatially aware and interactive AR apps, like Google.
apple  maps  augmented-reality  future  automotive 
6 days ago by dancall
Behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3: It’s a giant iPhone — for better and worse - The Washington Post
Our tech columnist took a three-day test drive in the car that’s really a connected gadget. He says cars won’t ever be the same.
Tesla  TeslaModel3  automotive  review  WashingtonPost  2018 
7 days ago by inspiral
Oktoberfest 2018: There And Back Again - BimmerLife
Last week I talked about my attempt to resurrect Bertha sufficiently to drive her to Oktoberfest, and taking it right down to the wire. When the attempt failed, I had essentially zero recovery time—and thus I found myself hastily packing Kugel, my Chamonix ’72 tii, the night before my departure. via Pocket
IFTTT  automotive  hack  mechanic 
8 days ago by robmck
A Tale Of Two Starters - BimmerLife
It seems like back in the day, I replaced a lot of starters in 2002s and other vintage BMWs. Either they’d gradually get worse, cranking slower and becoming hot to the touch, or they’d suddenly die. via Pocket
IFTTT  auto:  engine  automotive  hack  mechanic 
8 days ago by robmck
Resurrecting Bertha: If You're Ever Gonna Stand On It... - BimmerLife
Two weeks ago, I described the work I did on Bertha during the feverish weekend just before Oktoberfest. via Pocket
IFTTT  automotive  hack  mechanic 
8 days ago by robmck
Taking Tesla Private | Tesla
First, I would like to structure this so that all shareholders have a choice. Either they can stay investors in a private Tesla or they can be bought out at $420 per share, which is a 20% premium over the stock price following our Q2 earnings call (which had already increased by 16%). My hope is for all shareholders to remain, but if they prefer to be bought out, then this would enable that to happen at a nice premium.
tesla  automotive 
8 days ago by dancall
Volvo V70R: The Perfect Manual Wagon, For Sale
It's hard to top that "Spaceball" shifter. 
automotive  volvo 
10 days ago by kger

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