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Driverless Cars Intensify Fight Over Curb Space — The Information
Officials in major U.S. cities are looking for a way to carve out some control over the development of self-driving vehicles, by regulating the curb space where fleets of autonomous cars are likely to drop off and pick up passengers and packages.

Curbs already have become conflict zones in cities as more kinds of vehicles—from Ubers to Amazon delivery trucks to buses to bikes—jostle for access. That competition is likely to intensify when autonomous cars hit the road in dense urban areas, spurring some transportation officials in large U.S. cities to prepare for big changes
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The Choice: a social experiment in making decisions - Vox
In total, we recruited over 100 individuals and asked them — alone or in pairs — to enter a room and pick between two doors that represented either the complete unknown (Door 1) and the escape from having to face that unknown (Door 2). The latter led directly to the exit.
Prior to our subjects entering the testing room, we worked to subtly ratchet up tension in ways approved by an expert consultant. For example, we had them sign a foreboding waiver, we prevented them from seeing or talking with any other participants that had run through the test, and we issued instructions just once via a recording that played over the room’s speakers. After those instructions were issued, the participants were left alone and given as much time as they needed to make their decision.
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Top 15 Automotive Marketing Agencies - September 2017 Reviews
RT : We're thrilled to announce the accolades! Top of Search is now a Top Marketing Company!
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Quick-charging battery startup StoreDot gets $60M on $500M valuation led by Daimler | TechCrunch
As we continue to see a proliferation of wireless connected devices make their way into the mainstream consumer electronics market, there has been growing attention on a key issue that will be central to making all these devices work: efficient power supplies, and specifically practical battery systems. Today, one of the startups that’s hoping to lead the conversation on how this will develop has raised a significant round of funding as it inches closer to a commercial launch.

StoreDot, a startup out of Israel that is developing a new kind of quick-charging (five minutes or less) battery to replace the lithium-ion components largely in use today in phones, electric cars and other un-wired devices, has raised $60 million in funding led by carmaker Daimler with participation also from Samsung Ventures and Norma Investments, an investment firm linked to the Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich. Daimler and Samsung have been prolific investors in autonomous car and other transportation-related startups (Samsung just earlier today signalled a new fund for this purpose; Daimler announced a round in Via just last week.)
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5 days ago by dancall
This will only be of interest to VW and Audi owners who happen to enjoy saving a ton of money by getting their hands dirty. But seriously, with cheap replacement parts and detailed tutorial videos, I've already saved over $1000 over taking my aging TT to a mechanic. (And that's not even including the money that [Harold Kachelmyer]( helped me save on a clutch replacement…)
6 days ago by ttscoff
Samsung launches $300M autonomous driving fund, puts $90M into TTTech | TechCrunch
Not to be outpaced in the connected car market by other tech giants, today the world’s largest smartphone maker, Samsung, announced two major pieces of news to take its automotive strategy up a gear. It has launched the Samsung Automotive Innovation Fund, a $300 million fund to back startups and other interesting bets in the automotive market. And as a first investment out of that fund, Samsung has put €75 million (nearly $90 million) into TTTech, an Austria-based developer of platforms and safety software for connected cars, alongside a corresponding investment from Audi.

In addition to this, Samsung also announced a strategic initiative to develop connected-car technology with Harman, the auto and audio product maker that it acquired last November for $8 billion.
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6 days ago by dancall
Ford disguised a man as a car seat to research self-driving | TechCrunch
Yes, you read that correctly: Ford put a man in a car seat disguise so that a Ford Transit could masquerade as a true self-driving vehicle. Why? To evaluate how passers-by, other drivers on the road and cyclists reacted to sharing the road with an autonomous vehicle.

The trial, conducted with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, also made use of a light bar mounted on the top of the windshield to provide communication about what the car was doing, including yielding, driving autonomously or accelerating from a full stop.
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6 days ago by dancall
Black Girls Code receives $255,000 from General Motors to launch in Detroit | TechCrunch
On the heels of turning down $125,000 from Uber and then quickly raising over $150,000 through crowdfunding, Black Girls Code has announced a partnership with General Motors, which includes a $255,000 donation.
In an effort to further Black Girls Code’s mission of introducing young black girls to code, the non-profit organization has teamed up with GM in order to launch a local chapter in Detroit.
Black Girls Code has hosted some workshops in the Detroit area, but nothing ongoing. This fall, Black Girls Code will launch its regular programming to “lay a foundation to fully engage girls of color in Detroit,” Black Girls Code founder Kimberly Bryant said in a statement.
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6 days ago by dancall
GM and Cruise announce first mass-production self-driving car | TechCrunch
Kyle Vogt, CEO and founder of Cruise Automation, revealed very big news for his company and its owner GM, which acquired the startup last year. The news is that they’re ready to mass produce a vehicle ready for self-driving, with everything on board they need to become fully autonomous vehicles once the software and regulatory environment is ready to make that happen.

“Today, we’re announcing the first production design of a self-driving car that can be built at massive scale,” Vogt said. “And more importantly, these vehicles can operate without a driver.”

That means they have all the components in place, that “when the software’s ready,” Vogt added, they can remove the drivers and operate safely on roads.
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6 days ago by dancall
GetMyParking brings IoT to parking woes; Investors park $3mn in Series A
Having successfully deployed their technology across 300 locations in Delhi and executed parking at mega events like Kumbh Mela and IPL, the startup is experiencing unprecedented growth. Get My Parking provides city dashboards and enforcement applications for government authorities, cashless parking management systemwith revenue analytics for contractors, APIs for mobility providers, and integrations with hardware manufacturers. They also have mobile applications for both, the consumers and suppliers of parking space. All this requires coming together of all the stakeholders. This is where Get My Parking has stepped in and built a completely integrated IOT platform that connects all these solutions and their stakeholders effortlessly.
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How we built the first real self-driving car (really)
The launch of the world’s first mass-producible driverless car is a major accomplishment, but we’re not across the finish line yet. Building a few of these self-driving vehicles, or even a few hundred, won’t accomplish what we set out to do. And a self-driving business that depends on humans sitting behind the wheel is fundamentally unsustainable, so that won’t cut it either. We will achieve success by integrating the best software and hardware to deploy truly driverless vehicles at scale.
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8 days ago by dancall
Autonomous cars: the level 5 fallacy • Monday Note
Jean-Louis Gassée on the idea that cars will be completely self-driving ("Level 5"):
<p>In prior Monday Notes that discussed electric and autonomous cars, a subject of endless fascination, I evoked scenarios where SD cars can’t cope with circumstances that require human intervention. Today, I’ll offer the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Hayes and Octavia in San Francisco:

<img src="*axBSoWELlJ-n8D4jEKGGFw.png" width="100%" />

Understandably, the Google Street View picture was taken in the early morning. Now, imagine the 1 pm Sunday scene with crowded sidewalks and sticky car traffic. In today’s world, pedestrians and drivers manage a peaceful if hiccuping coexistence. Through eye contact, nods, hand signals, and, yes, courteous restraint, pedestrians decide to sometimes forfeit their right-of-way and let a few cars come through. On the whole, drivers are equally patient and polite (an unceasing subject of amazement for Parisians walking the streets of San Francisco).

Can we “algorithmicize” eye contact and stuttering restraint? Can an SD car acknowledge a pedestrian’s nod, or negotiate “turning rights” with a conventional vehicle?

No, we can’t. And we don’t appear to have a path to overcome such “mundane” challenges.
But you don’t have to believe me, or think I’m not “with it”. We can listen to Chris Urmson, Google’s Director of Self-Driving Cars from 2013 to late 2016 (he had joined the team in 2009). In a SXSW talk in early 2016, Urmson gives a sobering yet helpful vision of the project’s future, summarized by Lee Gomes in an IEEE Spectrum article [as always, edits and emphasis mine]:
<p>“Not only might it take much longer to arrive than the company has ever indicated — as long as 30 years, said Urmson — but the early commercial versions might well be limited to certain geographies and weather conditions. Self-driving cars are much easier to engineer for sunny weather and wide-open roads, and Urmson suggested the cars might be sold for those markets first.”</p>
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8 days ago by charlesarthur
Autonomous Cars: The Level 5 Fallacy – Monday Note
A two-to-three year engineering timeline isn’t unusual; five years is considered longterm. Beyond the five-year horizon? No thanks, I’ll switch to a more spiritually and financially rewarding pursuit. We’ll leave the worthy but nebulous commitments to Carnegie Mellon and Stanford. In other words: No Level 5 in the foreseeable, bankable future. Instead of the soothing vision of a saloon on wheels on the road tomorrow… That's Uber's autonomous aspirations fucked then
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