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Eliminate busywork | Parabola
Trying to stuff a visual programming interface for workflow design within excel
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yesterday by asteroza
Airship - Platform for repeatable and predictable infrastructure lifecycle management
A collection of interoperable and loosely coupled open source tools that provide automated cloud provisioning and management in a declarative way.

Airship helps operators take control of their infrastructure, by providing a declarative framework for defining and managing the life cycle of open infrastructure tools and the hardware below. These tools include OpenStack for Virtual Machines, Kubernetes for container orchestration, and MaaS for bare metal, with support for OpenStack Ironic on the way.
Kubernetes  clustering  devops  automation  deployment  tools  platform  opensource 
yesterday by liqweed
Integromat - The glue of the internet
Integromat is the glue of the internet
Integromat is the most advanced online automation platform. We've redefined work automation so everyone can get back to what matters the most.
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yesterday by sebbi

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