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Facebook, Apple and Google: More Than $1 Million Per Employee In 2016 | Fortune
They also employ fewer employees. Apple employed 80,000 U.S.-based workers in 2016. Facebook currently employs 17,048 full-time workers. And Alphabet reported a workforce of 73,992 in the first quarter of 2017.

As bad as things are for the car industry, GM still employed 225,000 U.S. workers in 2016. That’s nearly twice as many people as Apple, and around 13 times more people than Facebook. Still, Facebook managed to rake in over $7 billion in revenue during the third quarter of 2016.
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Facebook made $188,000 per employee last quarter, four times as much as Google - Recode
Silicon Valley companies are more efficient at making money than traditional industries, as evidenced by net income and revenue per employee in their latest quarterly filings.
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UNIQLO’s automated warehouse
Per , automation replaced 90% of the workers in the company’s Ariake facility
automation  logistics  labor  technology 
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Sonos One seen as "Smart Home" device, not "Alexa enabled" device | Sonos Community
(On the limitations of Sonos’s Alexa implementation:)
“This limitation means you cannot use the Alexa simplified room lighting/device controls.

“For example, if within the Family Room you create an Alexa group consisting of the Alexa Echo physically in that room, along with the lights in that room, say ‘Couch Lamp’, ‘Ceiling Light’, and ‘Spot Light’, then when you are in that particular room and speak to the Alexa in that room, you can say ‘Alexa, Lights on’ instead of ‘Alexa, Family Room Lights On’, or worse, having to ask for each light individually, by name, to be turned on.

“This is particularly useful when you have multiple Alexa devices in multiple rooms. With the ‘smart grouping’, you can walk into any room and say ‘Alexa, lights on’ and the appropriate, pre-selected set of lights for that room, turns on without having to remember the unique names of the lights in that particular room.

“The problem is that with Sonos ONE not being recognized as an ‘Alexa-enabled device’ you cannot replace an existing Alexa with a Sonos ONE in a particular room and continue having the same capability. That sort of defeats the whole purpose of using a Sonos ONE as a ‘superset’ of a regular Alexa for voice commands but with much better sound. Now you have to give up existing convenience if you want better sound, you can’t have both.”
sonos  alexa  echo  2018  rooms  automation  hue 
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‘We'll have space bots with lasers, killing plants’: the rise of the robot farmer | Environment | The Guardian
Tiny automated machines could soon take care of the entire growing process. Fewer chemicals, more efficient – where’s the downside?
farming  futureoffood  agriculture  guardian  artificialintelligence  robots  robotics  automation 
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PHP + Codeception Consulting, Outsourcing, Outstaffing, Education -
Professional test automation consulting service from founders of Codeception and CodeceptJS. We help to bootstrap test automation you will love!
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The Crowbar Project
Transform your bare-metal into an OpenStack Cloud in hours.
Support for CEPH, High Availability, SSL and unattended installation included.
automation  OpenStack  CEPH  server  devops  tools 
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Matters of Tolerance | by James Gleick | The New York Review of Books
Because they were replicable, they were interchangeable. Because they were interchangeable, they made possible a world of mass production and the warehousing and distribution of component parts. A French gunsmith, Honoré Blanc, is credited with showing in 1785 that flintlocks for muskets could be made with interchangeable parts. Before an audience, he disassembled twenty-five flintlocks into twenty-five frizzle springs, twenty-five face plates, twenty-five bridles, and twenty-five pans, randomly shuffled the pieces, and then rebuilt “out of this confusion of components” twenty-five new locks. Particularly impressed was the American minister to France, Thomas Jefferson, who posted by packet ship a letter explaining the new method for the benefit of Congress:
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Automators Episode 1 - Calendar Automation — MacSparky
Automators Episode 1 - Calendar Automation - Added July 06, 2018 at 06:42PM
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