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Extracting data from websites. For doing things like research
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Compose - MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etcd, RabbitMQ & ScyllaDB Hosting
We’ve spent the last 5 years helping developers ship applications with production grade databases.

Odds are, whatever you're building has at least one kind of data problem that calls for a modern database. But you're good at building applications — and shouldn't spend your time doing sysadmin work. That's what we're here for, run your database with our tools and ship apps faster, responsibly. 
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What Design Can’t Do — Graphic Design between Automation, Relativism, Élite and Cognitariat | THE ENTREPRECARIAT
"However, I think that graphic design (in which I include web design as well), has already undergone the drastic effects of automation, at least in a broad sense. (..)
In his dystopian novel Player Piano (1952), Kurt Vonnegut depicts an almost completely automated society where it is sufficient to simply record the movements of a worker on a disk to ensure that the machine will endlessly repeat them with full accuracy. When I open Word or InDesign, I run into a similar situation, since the page, only apparently blank, already contains a series of design choices registered in advance, such as the margins’ width.
That’s how template culture comes to life, where every new project actually derives from a long sequence of previous projects. In the mid-2000s, default settings became fashionable. Why waste time on design decisions when one can celebrate the aprioristic purity of the template? Aren’t we like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants? Perhaps, this is the most authentic expression of the idealistic impulse that permeates the modernist ideology. (..)
No More Rules. This is the title of the study on the influence of postmodernist mentality on graphic design conducted by Rick Poynor. (..)
Take German designer Manuel Buerger, who went to a copy shop in Mumbai to commission the design of his own business card. (..)
Obviously, texts penned by graphic designers are hardly a novelty: in 1963 Ken Garland wrote the First Things First manifesto while in 1978 Albe Steiner published Il mestiere di grafico. (..)
In addition to being part of popular culture, graphic design has become a common practice (..) According to Ian Bogost, we’re all "hyperemployed". Instead of merely practicing our official job, we perform many of them, before, during and after working hours. (..) Many of these include graphic design operations. (..)
[I]t is also hard to blame a society that is not able to recognize the value of graphic design anymore. Clearly, I don’t speak of the carefully created design of Google, offered for free to millions of users. I refer to the long tail, populated by designers who are forced, in order to survive, to convince their client that the layout specifically developed for a website, with little resources, is better than the interface of, say,, a superb free platform. (..)
In the 2000s, Richard Florida theorized the advent of the "creative class", whose transformative potential he praised. A few years later, the MyCreativity group reformulated this concept pragmatically, speaking of self-exploitation, insecurity and creative underclass. We must admit that design schools contribute to populating this creative underclass."
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