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This Army of AI Robots Will Feed the World
Heraud researched the scourges of agriculture: hypoxic dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and Baltic Sea, the colony collapse of bees, soil degradation, and human health problems from allergies to cancers. “Everything tied back to the blind, rampant, broadcast spraying of chemicals,” Heraud says. He and Redden figured they could teach machines to differentiate between crops and weeds, then eliminate the weeds mechanically or with targeted doses of nontoxic substances. The two first considered hot foam, laser beams, electric currents, and boiling water. They’d market the robot to organic farmers, who spend heavily on chemical-free weeding methods including mechanical tillage, which can be both fuel-intensive and damaging to soil.

After months of research, they faced a disappointing truth: There was no way around herbicides. “Turns out zapping weeds with electricity or hot liquid requires far more time and energy than chemicals—and it isn’t guaranteed to work,” Heraud says. Those methods might eliminate the visible part of a weed, but not the root. And pulling weeds with mechanical pincers is a far more time-intensive task for a robot than delivering microsquirts of poison. Their challenge became applying the chemicals with precision.
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Mapping controversies can be highly facilitated by studying it from the prism of the web. Analysing the websites of the actors of a controversy and establishing a map from the links between them can be a source of great knowledge, although it can be quite complex to realize, especially for social scientists. Built as a free software available on GitHub, Hyphe was designed to propose researchers and students a web corpus curation tool featuring a research-driven web crawler. It provides users with a method to build web corpora with both granularity, flexibility and simple curation principles. Rather than websites, Hyphe manipulates WebEntities, which can be defined as a single page, as well as a subdomain, a combination of websites, and so on. Webpages relying within these WebEntities can then be crawled, in order to collecting all out-bounding links and text within the webpages of the entity. Most cited discovered WebEntities are then prospectable to enlarge your corpus before visualizing it as a network and export it for refinement within Gephi and publication with manylines.
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DropIt: Personal Assistant to Automatically Manage Your Files
Application to automatically process and organize your files, to move, compress, extract, rename, delete, list, send by mail, encrypt, etc.
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