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How to Drive a Car With an Automatic Transmission: 15 Steps
rental cars and friends' cars how to:

D = all of the going forward gear(s)
N = car won't try to go by itself anymore when you take your foot off of the gas
P = OK you can take the key out now
R = reverse also you have to through R and N to move from D to P or P to D so people might think you are reversing when you are not
Don't use these: +/-, 1,2,L,O/D, Econ, etc.
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6 hours ago by ssur Link
"Smarter Links for Commerce ... makes localizing, tracking, and managing smart links dead simple, so you can earn more without added work."
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4 weeks ago by Mykl
Twitter Marketing Automation - Narrow
Narrow is a Twitter marketing automation tool that helps you build a targeted following.
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5 weeks ago by kpieper876
5 Tools to Check Website Accessibility
These five tools are just a handful of accessibility tools available for automated testing today. I've highlighted ones that I find the most useful in my work that cover a few different use cases (developer-focused, non-developer focused). There are also plenty of paid services out there for more comprehensive monitoring - but the tools I've listed here are great for getting started with accessibility audits.

As I mentioned above though, automated testing can only go so far in helping you catch accessibility errors. To ensure a fully accessible site, you’ll need a plan that includes automated testing and manual testing, because some errors will only be caught by humans who are actually using your site. Check out our guide on why and how to do manual accessibility testing to get started.
accessibility  testing  automatic  tools  web  drupaleasypodcast  mediacurrent 
5 weeks ago by liberatr
BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Dog Potty Pad
BrilliantPad is the first automatic, self-cleaning potty pad for puppies & small dogs. It automatically wraps & seals waste so your home is odor free.
dog  automatic  selfcleaning  pad  waste 
6 weeks ago by gilberto5757

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