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Pitt, CMU Receive Department of Defense Contracts To Create Autonomous Robotic Trauma Care System
Trying to create a trauma cocoon to stuff injured people into for automated stabilization/treatment during the "Golden Hour" transport period.
health  medicine  research  automated  portable  trauma  cocoon  treatment  suit  DARPA  TRACIR 
27 days ago by asteroza
LinkedIn Social Selling Automation
Reach and engage prospects through Linkedin social selling sequences. Alfred helps for Lead Generation in LinkedIn. You can automate the bot for posts, social sequences, send connect, response, increase profile visits, InMail, send messages using this chrome extension.
linkedin  automated  social  sales  selling  Top_10  Marketing_Toolbox 
29 days ago by kpieper876
How to send email using C# and
C# recipe to send email using any web based email provider.This can be plugged into your build system or monitoring system for automation and alerting.
c#  smtp  client  email  send  howto  automated 
7 weeks ago by gilberto5757

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