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Work Super Smart -
Integrate your cloud applications. Automate marketing, sales and business processes.
automate  automation  bot  business  ifttt  zapier 
4 weeks ago by sebbi
Automatizzare processi e attività | Microsoft Flow
È possibile automatizzare le attività integrando le app preferite in Microsoft Flow per semplificare le attività ripetitive tramite l'automazione del flusso di lavoro.
automation  Sync  automate  syncronize  flow  calendar  exchange  microsoft 
5 weeks ago by arioch1984
Integromat - The glue of the internet
Integromat is an easy to use, powerful tool with unique features for automating manual processes. Connect your favorite apps, services and devices with each other without having any programming skills.
zapier  automation  automate  ifttt  integration  productivity  actions  triggers 
december 2018 by zifeixu85
AppTalk - Let iOS apps talk
A user contributable directory of iOS apps with x-callback-urls.
x-callback-url  list  app  application  support  ios  automate  callback  URL 
november 2018 by ebouchut

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