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btw17 query auto completion - query suggestions for German politicians and parties before the federal election 2017 | Zenodo
The dataset contains the query suggestions for 5 major German parties (terms: "afd", "csu", "dielinke", "fdp", "grüne", "spd") and ten popular politicians and party leaders (terms: "Alexander Gauland", "Alice Weidel", "Angela Merkel", "Cem Özdemir", "Christian Lindner", "Dietmar Bartsch", "Katrin Göring-Eckardt", "Martin Schulz", "Sahra Wagenknecht").

The data was crawled on (mostly) two times per day from Tue Aug 04, 2017 to Tue Oct 31, 2017. The dataset contains 20001 suggestions from Bing search (, 11935 suggestions from Duck-Duck-Go ( and 33521 suggestions from Google search ( Note, that for some terms and dates no suggestions were returned by some of the APIs.
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5 days ago by shawn
Resist Google’s Attempts to Turn You Into a Robot – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Pre-programmed responses to emails have their place, but it seems Gmail essentially is having robots teach us to reply in ways that aren’t that human-like, missing the real point of conversation.
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17 days ago by pmigdal
Autocomplete with more than one word
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4 weeks ago by rauschen

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