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Olaudah Equiano: Who was the African author whose autobiography exposed the realities of the slave trade? | The Independent
Google’s latest Doodle marks what would have been the 272nd birthday of Olaudah Equiano (1746-1797), the African writer whose memoir gave the world one of its first accounts of the slave trade from a victim's perspective.
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Handywrite Story.
The method and madness of invention
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Stories of Mighty Women: New Biographies for Adult Readers / A Mighty Girl | A Mighty Girl
When we share stories about famous women from history, adults in our community often comment that they’re amazed that they’ve never learned about these world-changing women. And, while people love the biographies we post for children and teens, many adults would also like to learn more about these inspiring women. To that end, in our first-ever post filled with reading recommendations for adults and older teen readers, we're sharing twenty books about incredible women of past and present. Our recommendations are all biographies with the exception of one remarkable work of historical fiction, The Invention of Wings. Moreover, to help you discover a few of the amazing new biographies which have been recently released, all of our recommended books have been published in the past two years and several are brand new releases. Since A Mighty Girl's website does not have a book section for adult readers, you won't find these recommendations on our site; however, we've included links below t
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Isotype Revisited | From hieroglyphics to Isotype
"From 1943 until his death in December 1945, Otto Neurath worked tirelessly on numerous versions of an innovative 'visual autobiography' titled From hieroglyphics to Isotype. After his death, only extracts from the original text appeared in print: as 'From hieroglyphics to Isotypes' [sic] in Future books: the crowded scene (volume III, 1947), heavily edited by Neurath's widow, Marie Neurath, and the film-maker Paul Rotha; and later in Empiricism and sociology, edited by Marie Neurath and Robert S. Cohen (1973).

Otto Neurath initially conceived From hieroglyphics to Isotype as a 'PICTURE BOOK, with a few explanatory notes only', adding that its purpose would be to 'show the different sources from which Isotype has evolved'. He wanted to reveal Isotype's genealogy by penetrating to its roots, looking at heraldic, allegorical, tattoo and playing card symbols; military drawings and battle plans; maps; still and moving photographic images; and projection and perspective presentations - in total, looking at instances of how 'the visual elements of a comprehensive visual language combine'.

Having formulated his intentions, there followed a flurry of writing and research. Neurath collated his ideas by making notes piecemeal on small scraps of paper (above; I.C. 3.2/76), which were stuck together and appended to his first rough draft. He added extensive notes for the book's contents, and long, detailed lists of chapters and of illustrations to be included from his own extensive and rich collection of 18th- and 19th-century ephemera.

Early drafts of Neurath's text received less than favorable criticism from Wolfgang Foges, managing director of the book packager Adprint (handling the book's production), who regarded the text (only half-jokingly) as self-absorbed Isotype propaganda. Neurath was advised to focus on and expand the biographical notes featured in the book's epilogue 'Glimpses at a visual autobiography', and this he did with enthusiasm and aplomb. In subsequent drafts, Neurath thus shifted his emphasis from the evolution of Isotype to a personal exploration of the visual stimuli that had engaged, challenged and influenced his life and work.

To show his conception of the book, Neurath created two mock-ups of it, including a rough cover design (shown at top), exacting page layouts and numerous examples of illustrative material. He composed further extensive and exacting lists of illustrations from books, prints, periodicals and journals for inclusion. Simply put, Neurath wanted it to be a big book 'with lots of pictures'.

Some sixty-five years on, work is now underway to collate the several variant texts of the visual autobiography held in the Otto and Marie Neurath Isotype Collection. The aim is to produce a judiciously edited and well-illustrated edition under the title From hieroglyphics to Isotype: a visual autobiography. Publication by Hyphen Press is planned for 2010. (ME)"

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KFC to Release Colonel Sanders' Autobiography for Free, Even Though That Guy Hated KFC [Kfc]
KFC announced this week it will make a never-before-seen autobiography and cookbook written by Colonel Sanders available for download on its Facebook page starting June 4th. Interestingly, as Smithsonian Magazine's Food & Think blog noted last month, there was pretty much nothing Colonel Sanders hated more than Kentucky Fried Chicken. More »
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Writing Genres
A REAL GEM! #NonFiction #Writing #Genres - #Letter #Advertisements #Leaflets #autobiographies #edchat
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Jay-Z’s ‘Decoded,’ a Guide to his Life and Lyrics -
Nov. 22, 2010 | NYT| By MICHIKO KAKUTANI. Part autobiography,
part lavishly illustrated commentary on his own work, “Decoded” offers a
harrowing portrait of the rough worlds Jay-Z navigated in his youth,
while simultaneously deconstructing his lyrics. “Decoded” is less a
conventional memoir or artistic manifesto than an elliptical,
puzzle-like collage: amid the reminiscences, there are music history
lessons that place rap in a social & political context; enthusiastic
shout-outs to the Notorious B.I.G. & Lauryn Hill; remedial lessons
in street slang; & personal asides about the exhaustingly
competitive nature of rap & the similarities between rap &
boxing, and boxing & hustling drugs. At the same time, “Decoded”
highlights the richly layered, metaphoric nature of the author’s own
rhymes —underscoring how Jay-Z’s former life honed his gifts as a
writer, including a survivor’s appraising sense of character, an
observer’s eye for detail & a hustler’s penchant for wordplay &
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Sticking together
Nov 11th 2010 | The Economist | Schumpeter: Advice on managing partnerships, courtesy of Keith Richards and Michael Eisner
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Why boardrooms are not all rock 'n' roll
Nov 1, 2010|FT|Philip Broughton.Managing creative people is
difficult,not just because creativity is rare and the people who possess
it chafe at being managed but because establishing a mkt for creative
work is one of the hardest things to do in business.VCs know this when
they install seasoned executives to guide young founders (e.g.Eric
Schmidt @ Google & Sheryl Sandberg @ Facebook).Similarly, Hollywood
often pairs a hard-headed business type with a creative genius.Steven
Spielberg's career took off under the guidance of Sid Sheinberg, a
fierce lawyer who ran MCA/ Universal.Book publishing's best-known agent,
Andrew Wylie, is nicknamed "the Jackal" for his tenacity on behalf of
clients...The Stones required 3 very different kinds of manager:(1) to
validate them within a highly competitive industry & establish them
in the public eye;(2)to usher them into the big time; and (3) to build a
protective fort around their steady-state operations & ensure their
L.T. survival & profitability.
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George W. Bush on the Lessons He Learned -
NOV. 13, 2010 | WSJ | By GEORGE W. BUSH. Lessons Learned
by a Prodigal Son. George W. Bush discusses his boisterous days at
Yale—and a memorable showdown with his father.
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