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'It’s the Saddest Thing in the World, Sex.' The Author of The Perfect Nanny on Her Next Sensational Novel
In Adèle, published in France before The Perfect Nanny, Slimani’s protagonist is a deeply unhappy woman. Adèle medicates her misery with alcohol and intercourse, the more dangerous and degrading the better. The source of her discontent is unclear: she has a respectable and reasonably caring husband, a young son, a Paris apartment and an interesting job. She’s squarely in the “has it all” sector.But “it all” is as chaff in her mouth. It is subsistence but not nourishment; she craves flavor, spice, hot sauce. Adèle yearns, Slimani writes, to rediscover the “magical feeling of actually touching the vile and the obscene, the heart of bourgeois perversion and human wretchedness” that she got when, as a child, her mother’s lover took them both around the seedier parts of Paris. Her increasingly risky assignations indirectly lead to her husband being hospitalized, and it gets worse from there.“It’s the saddest thing in the world, sex,” says Slimani. “When you see yourself having sex, and you see your partner, and you see something animal.” She is not talking about the abandoned passion people experience early in a relationship, but the more garden variety of sex she says people usually have. “It’s melancholy and disappointing because you want to have fusion with someone, to fight your loneliness. But you’re even lonelier.”
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‘On a Spiritual Level, We Are All Minorities.’ Chigozie Obioma on Fate and His New Epic
Without meaning to, Chigozie Obioma fell in love with tragedies. As a child in Akure, Nigeria, he devoured Greek myths at the library; plucked Shakespeare plays from his father’s shelves; and absorbed cautionary folktales from the southeastern Igbo tribe, passed down by his mother. If there was a common thread, it was an obsession with fate–often the distinctly gloomy kind. “I must have internalized that,” “I’m always trying to figure out: Why do bad things happen to you when you don’t seem to deserve it?”It’s a question that haunts the protagonist of Obioma’s new novel, An Orchestra of Minorities.Obioma, ever fascinated by destiny, says the Igbo concept of fate is complicated. It blends the free will of humans with divine plans they can’t control. “We’re like Chinonso’s chickens: when a hawk carries one of our children off, all we can do is take it,” Obioma says. “No matter how privileged you think you are, on a spiritual level, we are all minorities–small things.”
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Closer than Skin - Chapter 1 - Mottlemoth - Venom (Movie 2018) [Archive of Our Own]
As Eddie settles into his new life as a host, his symbiote's growing interest in his body causes feelings he's unsure how to deal with. Being close is one thing; being intimate is another. Venom's company is everything and Eddie worries about blurring the line - then dreams and frustration start to blur it for him.
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The Death of the Author! Maybe! – Whatever
I'm having trouble tagging this one appropriately - it's an essay that:
(a) links to a video on "The Death of the Author" (the literary concept); and
(b) has some of Scalzi's thoughts on that concept.
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"Hey authors, if you could give just *1* piece of advice to upcoming debuts, what would it be?" | Adalyn Grace on Twitter
Ursula Vernon's advice is at

Some of the advice is specific to the writing and publishing/marketing of books, but some of it is applicable to board games as well.
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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Case of the Wrongfully Imprisoned Man
the Slater story, though it involves homicide, remains less well known, perhaps because the case is more complex than any other Conan Doyle tackled. For one thing, it lacks the stainless suspect and moral absolutes that the Edalji case presented. Where George Edalji was an educated professional man of unimpeachable character, Oscar Slater was an affable Continental rascal: a habitué of music halls and gambling rooms and, it was alleged (though never proved), a pimp. Conan Doyle himself thought Slater a blackguard: “a disreputable, rolling-stone of a man,” he called him — seven words that speak volumes about the reflexive cultural assumptions of his era.
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