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JSON Web Tokens
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"The information contained within the JSON object can be verified and trusted because it is digitally signed. Although JWTs can also be encrypted to provide secrecy between parties, we will focus on signed tokens, which can verify the integrity of the claims contained within them, while encrypted tokens hide those claims from other parties.

JWTs can be signed using a secret (with the HMAC algorithm) or a public/private key pair using RSA or ECDSA. When tokens are signed using public/private key pairs, the signature also certifies that only the party holding the private key is the one that signed it."
WebSecurity  Cloud  Serverless  Authorization  jwt  auth0 
13 hours ago by colin.jack
ory/ladon: A SDK for access control policies: authorization for the microservice and IoT age. Inspired by AWS IAM policies. Written for Go.
A SDK for access control policies: authorization for the microservice and IoT age. Inspired by AWS IAM policies. Written for Go. - ory/ladon
aws  golang  authorization  access-control  acl  development 
15 days ago by cakeface
Zanzibar: Consistent, Global Authorization System | Hacker News
Reminds me of compound interests. Google operates at a scale where the company has enough brainpower to design systems like GFS/Colossus and Borg, which enable systems like Spanner, which enable systems like Zanzibar, and so on.
authorization  acl  acls 
17 days ago by dano
SPIFFE – Secure Production Identity Framework for Everyone
SPIFFE, the Secure Production Identity Framework for Everyone, is a set of open-source standards for securely identifying software systems in dynamic and heterogeneous environments. Systems that adopt SPIFFE can easily and reliably mutually authenticate wherever they are running.
security  dev-ops  inter-process  middleware  authorization  api-authorization 
18 days ago by Mekk
iOS 11 : l'iPhone fait confiance moins facilement aux nouveaux ordinateurs | iGeneration
si vous avez autorisé par erreur un ordinateur, vous pouvez annuler l’accès avec l’option suivante (cela annule les autorisations pour tous les ordinateurs) : Réglages > Général > Réinitialiser > Réinitialiser localisation et confidentialité
ios  iphone  disable  deauthorize  access  mac  computer  permission  synchronization  apple  trust  authorize  authorization  cancel  reset 
20 days ago by ebouchut

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