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The Institutional Turn in Comparative Authoritarianism | British Journal of Political Science | Cambridge Core
The institutional turn in comparative authoritarianism has generated wide interest. This article reviews three prominent books on authoritarian institutions and their central theoretical propositions about the origins, functions and effects of dominant party institutions on authoritarian rule. Two critical perspectives on political institutions, one based on rationalist theories of institutional design and the other based on a social conflict theory of political economy, suggest that authoritarian institutions are epiphenomenal on more fundamental political, social and/or economic relations. Such approaches have been largely ignored in this recent literature, but each calls into question the theoretical and empirical claims that form the basis of institutionalist approaches to authoritarian rule. A central implication of this article is that authoritarian institutions cannot be studied separately from the concrete problems of redistribution and policy making that motivate regime behavior.
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Young Activists Go Missing in China, Raising Fears of Crackdown - The New York Times
“What kind of privilege do they have to completely disregard the law and civil rights?” Mr. Yu wrote. “How dare they unscrupulously and arrogantly beat up students and kidnap one at Peking University.”

The disappearance of the activists is the latest flash point in a long-running battle between activists and the authorities.
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2 days ago by corrales
After Democracy: What's Next When Freedom Erodes?
Illiberal democracy and electoral authoritarianism can both be seen in practice around the world today. And both of these undemocratic types threaten to take hold if democracy erodes, backslides, or even dies in the United States. Although the specter of illiberal democracy is imminent but could soon evaporate, the United States’ vulnerability to electoral authoritarianism is both long-standing and likely to persist, regardless of what transpires in the midterm elections and in elections to come.
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2 days ago by altoii
Events canceled, editor expelled: Hong Kong's losing freedom
The cancellation of literary and artistic events and the refusal to allow a Financial Times editor to enter Hong Kong have reignited concern about freedom of expression in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. A last-minute decision Friday to reinstate the literary event illustrates the...
3 days ago by joeybaker
Half of white women continue to vote Republican. What's wrong with them? | Moira Donegan | Opinion | The Guardian
But there is something else at play, something more complicated, in white women’s relationship to white patriarchy. White women’s identity places them in a curious position at the intersection of two vectors of privilege and oppression: they are granted structural power by their race, but excluded from it by their sex. In a political system where racism and sexism are both so deeply ingrained, white women must choose to be loyal to either the more powerful aspect of their identity, their race, or to the less powerful, their sex. Some Republican white women might lean into racism not only for racism’s sake, but also as a means of avoiding or denying the realities of how sexist oppression makes them vulnerable.

In her book Right Wing Women, the feminist Andrea Dworkin wrote that conservative women often conform to the dominant ideologies of the men around them as part of a subconscious survival strategy, hoping that their conservatism will spare them from male hatred and violence.
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Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them - The New York Times
A K.G.B. dirty trick known as “kompromat,” the fabrication of compromising or illegal material, may have returned in a particularly noxious form.
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5 days ago by corrales
Saudi journalist and writer Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser has died after being tortured while in detention in Saudi-Arabia
Saudi journalist and writer Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser has died after being tortured while in detention, the New Khaleej reported yesterday. Reporting human rights sources, the news site said t...
mesopotamia  authoritarianism 
6 days ago by joeybaker

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