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i gave you all
Jon makes that noise again, his head tipping back, his hips shifting restlessly, and Robb pulls back slowly, thrusts in hard and fast, smiling as Jon curses and gasps, as Jon's legs wrap around his waist, as Jon's fingernails bite into his skin.
fanwork  fandom:GameofThrones  pairing:Jon/Robb  rating:nc-17  length:oneshot  Length:Short  type:prose  site:AO3  author:xylodemon  quality:salamander  extra:dirtyTalk 
june 2019 by opalsong
Office Space
Draco and Ron work in the Goblin Office at the Ministry. Ron is just out of school and aimless. Things ensue.
author:xylodemon  harry-potter  draco-malfoy/ron-weasley 
may 2019 by sarapod
Not Exactly Retirement
Steve says, "Hey, Buck," and dodges a jerky, robot punch. He's wearing jeans and sneakers, and he's using a trashcan lid for a shield like it's 1935. "You—watch out!"
author:xylodemon  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes  mcu  captain-america 
may 2019 by sarapod
i must have closed my eyes for awhile/’cause here i am and i’m running wild
Dean had just shrugged and leaned on the gas. He'd tapped his hand on his thigh for most of the next mile, half-hoping Cas would reach over and take it. Sam and Mary had been asleep, Mary curled under a pile of blankets and Sam snoring into her shoulder. The wind shrieking into the Impala had beat at Dean's face like an oncoming hurricane.
pair:deancas  author:xylodemon 
march 2019 by ladybugger
Sweet Home - xylodemon - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
"Cas, we talked about it. I'm back, and I'm fine, and I don't need a babysitter."

"You have shadows under your eyes," Cas says, leaning close.

"Cas," Dean starts, but Cas just murmurs, "Hush," under his breath, and then his hand curls around the side of Dean's neck, his thumb stroking up the center of Dean's throat. Dean is half-hard immediately, and incredibly confused, and then he's gasping, clawing at Cas' sleeve as a familiar burst of icy-hot grace jolts through him like an electric shock. His headache drains away, as does the jittery, wrong-inside-his-skin feeling he's had since coming back, and the dull, arthritic throb in his right knee, which has nothing to do with demonic influences and everything to do with being on the wrong side of thirty-five.

"It worried me," Cas says, his mouth almost touching Dean's forehead. "I only saw you as a demon for a moment and I hated it."
fandom:Supernatural  pairing:cas/dean  author:xylodemon  length:5-10k 
october 2018 by starkandspangle
Unknown Quantities
No one ever tells Dean anything.

(or: Dean Winchester and the not-relationship crisis of 2014)
Supernatural  Castiel/Dean  00-03  Slash  Misunderstanding  pining  FuckBuddies  Author:xylodemon 
september 2018 by LilyC
Sweet Home
Dean hates Alabama, and this hunt is turning into a pain in the ass.
Supernatural  Castiel/Dean  03-10  Slash  smut  CaseFic  oblivious/pining  jealousy  CarSex  Author:xylodemon 
july 2018 by LilyC
One Cold Night
"Dean, are you all right?"

"Yeah. I'm just ─" Dean shivers again. His teeth clack together. "Jesus Christ, it's cold."
Supernatural  Castiel/Dean  10-25  Slash  smut  CaseFic  Bedsharing  Winter  oblivious/pining  Author:xylodemon 
july 2018 by LilyC
"You're in pain," Cas says finally. He sounds sad.
author:xylodemon  !bunker  !hurtcomfort  !MOC  !Smut  pair:deancas 
march 2018 by ladybugger
The Great Outdoors
Dean still doesn't understand how he landed the Daniel Boone portion of this hunt.
!bottomdean  !casefic  !Smut  !fluff  pair:deancas  author:xylodemon 
october 2017 by ladybugger
best little whorehouse in arizona - xylodemon - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
In which Bob owns the place, Pete is a rich kid from the big city, and Ray is what passes for the law in town.
It's a tired-looking two storey a respectable distance from both the church and the General Store, and it's off the main road a piece, down a packed-dirt alley Bob tries to keep free of clutter and trash. The front door sticks a little and the upstairs balcony sags over the porch a lot, but he puts a fresh coat of whitewash on the exterior walls every summer, and he keeps the furniture nice and neat. The windowboxes are full of tiny, snow-white daisies, and he does more business than any other brothel in town. His girls know what they're about, and so do his boys. That does cause some muttering in town -- that he employs boys as well as girls -- particularly from the minister's wife, but Bob's always believed that a person's business is their own. His girls don't gossip and his boys don't ask questions, and Bob just smiles and nods when the minister slips out of Gabe's room and heads for home out the brothel's back door.
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:bob/frank  pairing:gerard/ray  pairing:mikey/pete  author:xylodemon  length:0-5k  *au 
june 2017 by starkandspangle
improper behavior
Sansa hides her face in Jon's neck, her skin flushing with color again, warmer and brighter than before, but she nods slowly, a tremor running up her thighs as Robb noses at her hair, and she turns into Jon slightly, shifting just enough to fit her mouth against his. They are beautiful together, his brother and his sister, the two people in the world Robb loves the most. {also very hot}
fandom:gameofthrones  pairing:jon/sansa/robb  rating:nc17  author:xylodemon 
september 2016 by blithers
we shovel the ashes out
Dean’s always known things were headed this way. He just figured getting dragged under would be cleaner and easier than jumping in feet-first.
fandom:spn  pairing:dean/castiel  author:xylodemon  length:15-20k 
september 2016 by peridium
A Reasonable Amount of Trouble
"Deano," Donna says brightly. She must still be at the office; the white noise behind her is all hushed voices and keyboard clacks. "I was kind of surprised to hear from you. Word is you're on the wrong side of the law these days."

"You know me," Dean says, sighing. "I'm always in a reasonable amount of trouble."
fandom:spn  pairing:dean/castiel  author:xylodemon  au:canon  length:>50k 
july 2016 by peridium
make a home
Four days later, Sam says, "So get this," while Dean is making breakfast.

Dean sighs, but he doesn't stop whisking the pancake batter. It's a little after eight; if they eat fast they can still be on the road by ten.
author:xylodemon  *Season11  pair:deancas  !bunker  !casefic  !phone!sex 
october 2015 by ladybugger
The Tunnel of Love
"We might," Cas starts slowly, pausing like he's choosing his words. "We might have to kiss."

Dean just stares at him.
!casefic  pair:deancas  !fluff  !bunker  !human!cas  *Season10  author:xylodemon  char:Claire 
september 2015 by ladybugger
The Tunnel of Love
"We might," Cas starts slowly, pausing like he's choosing his words. "We might have to kiss."

Dean just stares at him.
fandom:spn  pairing:dean/castiel  author:xylodemon  length:20-30k 
august 2015 by peridium

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