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Talking Turkey | TwiceBakedPotato
Wade Wilson has never been the "meet the family" type of guy. But if Peter Parker wants him to go to Thanksgiving dinner, then he'll do it. Begrudgingly. But he'll do it.
Series:Marvel  Pairing:Peter/Wade  Relationship:Established  Trope:Family  Trope:Holidays  Author:TwiceBakedPotato  Length:1.000-5.000 
9 weeks ago by anandarres
Nobody Hurts My Baby Boy | TwiceBakedPotato
"If anyone is up for it I have a rescue prompt idea where Peter (he is not in his spiderman suit) is taken as a hostage with a gun to the head along with a few other civilians. Peter is warning the criminals to let everyone go otherwise his fiance,Wade, will kill them all. They mock him and beat him up. Then a furious Deadpool saves Peter by the most badass way possible. Also I would love if someone write how unnervingly skilled Wade is as a mercenary. Please? Anyone?"
Series:Marvel  Pairing:Peter/Wade  Relationship:Established  Trope:BAMF  Trope:Hurt  Author:TwiceBakedPotato  Length:1.000-5.000 
11 weeks ago by anandarres
I'll Be Your Baby Daddy | TwiceBakedPotato
The life of a superhero is strange. Peter Parker has accepted this after years of being Spiderman with a rogues gallery that belonged in a supervillain zoo. But nothing that Doc Oc ever threw his direction could prepare him for a pregnancy. Specifically, his pregnancy.
Series:Marvel  Pairing:Peter/Wade  Relationship:Established  Trope:MPreg  Trope:Family  Author:TwiceBakedPotato  Length:20.000-40.000 
11 weeks ago by anandarres
All About Chemistry
After serving his 20 years in the Marine Corps, Wade Wilson is cashing in his GI Bill and going back to college. He feels like the old man on campus, but that doesn't matter. He likes his classes. He likes learning. And he especially likes his Chemistry professor with the messy brown hair.
author:twicebakedpotato  fandom:deadpool  fandom:spiderman  crossover  rating:r  type:slash  genre:AU  genre:drama  genre:fluff  pairing:deadpool/spiderman  status:complete  count:50000-100000 
august 2018 by slashpimp

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count:50000-100000  crossover  fandom:deadpool  fandom:spiderman  genre:au  genre:drama  genre:fluff  length:1.000-5.000  length:20.000-40.000  pairing:deadpool/spiderman  pairing:peter/wade  rating:r  relationship:established  series:marvel  status:complete  trope:bamf  trope:family  trope:holidays  trope:hurt  trope:mpreg  type:slash 

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