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Unfinished Business [trollprincess]
AU following "In My Time of Dying", in which things go very, very wrong. Okay, even more wrong.
fic  supernatural  length:1000-5000  author:trollprincess  gen  au  ghosts  deanwinchester 
october 2011 by SwissMisstery
The Days Don't End Here, My Friend [trollprincess]
If you'd ask him, Dean would tell you he's going to die on the hunt. Good luck trying, pal.
fic  supernatural  length:1000-5000  author:trollprincess  gen  deanwinchester 
october 2011 by SwissMisstery
Interesting Times [trollprincess]
Dean doesn't even think about the curse until the next morning, and by then it's too late.
fic  supernatural  length:1000-5000  author:trollprincess  gen  curses  deanwinchester 
october 2011 by SwissMisstery
That's Easy For You To Say [trollprincess]
The classic debate over what's worse, a pack of werewolves or a schlocky tourist trap.
fic  supernatural  length:1000-5000  author:trollprincess  gen  deanwinchester  samwinchester  ofc 
october 2011 by SwissMisstery
This Is It, This Is My Thesis [Trollprincess]
Warren thinks things just spiraled downhill when they were voted Class Couple in high school.
Author:Trollprincess  Fic  SkyHigh  FutureFic  Will/Warren  Angst  Smut  Romance  WordCount:  Source 
september 2011 by Brandysnaps
This Is It, This Is My Thesis
Warren thinks things just spiraled downhill when they were voted Class Couple in high school.
Character:WarrenPeace  Character:WillStronghold  Pairing:WillWarren  Ships:Slash  Author:TrollPrincess  *SkyHigh  Status:Oneshot 
september 2011 by queenitsy
Deep Breaths - trollprincess - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
AU. Azazel offered Mary a choice, and she did what she had to do. She looked him in the eyes when he offered to bring her dead boyfriend back to life, and she told him no.

Fifteen years later, she's divorced, a single mom, and living in the sort of quaint small town she used to dream about raising her family in. Enter a strange woman with a mute little girl, a woman who cracks through Mary's barely stable facade of a normal life. Featuring five tequila shots, four threatening angels, three fatherless children (maybe), two kickass women, and a platter of peanut butter brownies.
fic  author:trollprincess  author:apocalypsos  supernatural  femslash  ellen.harvelle  mary.winchester  ellen/mary  challenge:spn_j2_bigbang  toread 
july 2011 by partofthewhole
i once knew a woman from boobville - Fic: If It Wasn't For You Meddling Kids (CW RPS, NC-17) 1/3
Jared is one of the leads of the new TV show "Supernatural",
but under cover of darkness he is Shadow, a costumed superhero in dark
blue spandex who prowls the streets fighting crime and saving people.
The move to Vancouver means dealing with an entirely new city to patrol,
Mike and Tom's ridiculous excuse for a two-man superhero team, and the
mysterious man in black on a motorcycle who's following "Shadow" on his
patrols and keeping Jared up nights. In other words, Jared’s a tall
friendly Texan who walks through walls, Jensen’s his reserved new
co-star -- together, THEY FIGHT CRIME! \o/
jensen/jared  author:trollprincess  epic  rpf 
april 2011 by tyleet
i once knew a woman from boobville - Fic: I Taught Your Boyfriend That Thing You Like (1/3)
Jared is a big gay celebrity gossip blogger. Jensen is the biggest straightest action star in Hollywood. Boysex ensues.
supernatural  rpf  jensen/jared  long  author:trollprincess 
april 2011 by tyleet
i once knew a woman from boobville - Fic: Interesting Times (Supernatural)
Dean doesn't even think about the curse until the next morning,
and by then it's too
gen  supernatural  author:trollprincess  sam.winchester  dean.winchester  sam/dean 
march 2011 by tyleet
i once knew a woman from boobville - Fic: Nothing Up My Sleeve (Supernatural)
Summary: So Sam's mastered his powers and defeated the crossroads demon. Now what?<br />
~3000 words
fandom  fic  spn  gen  author:trollprincess  nonAU  from delicious
march 2011 by keridar14
Turn The Page
ean gets a new hobby after Sam leaves for Stanford.
Author's note: So, yeah, I blame musesfool and that "five books Dean boosted from the library" list. It started out as Dean reading for fun and turned into this.
spn  gen  humor  au  crack  rating:pg-13  author:trollprincess  wordcount:2000-3000 
august 2010 by Nephthys

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