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Not All the Way Through, 1/1
Castiel/Dean. "And suddenly Castiel realizes that he was so, so wrong. This Dean that's holding him isn't his Dean any more than Castiel is his Cas; he didn't spend the past five years of his life with Castiel; years that, for better or worse, shaped Castiel and his Dean together. That Dean over there is his Dean -- the broken, hurt one -- and if he let Castiel break, it was only because Castiel let him break first."
fic  *star  type:slash  author:tracy-loo-who  fandom:spn  pairing:castiel/dean  character:castiel  character:deanwinchester  genre:angst  genre:h/c  genre:future  genre:au  genre:drugs  genre:mental  genre:dark  length:one-shot  rating:nc-17  lengthme 
february 2011 by emmaline
deancastiel: [FIC] Hard-Loving Loser (for liadan14)
Sam Winchester is a virgin. As far as Crowley is concerned,
there's just no other bloody explanation for it. Anyone who's been laid
would get it immediately without needing to be told. And the funniest
thing is, Dean has been trying to tell him. Crowley knows this because
he's heard some of Dean and Castiel's discussions about How to Tell Sam.
Dean/Castiel  length:short=[1-10k]  rating:pg-13  Author:tracy-loo-who  genre:humor  outsider!pov  theme:coming-out 
june 2010 by TehOpheliac
tracy_loo_who: pledge_a_thon Fic #2: Angels Gone Wild (Dean/Castiel, Castiel/Castiel, NC-17)
What's surprising is how much Castiel apparently knows about
unresolved sexual tension. Up until now he's mostly only looked (though
there's been a lot of looking), and occasionally shoved Dean up against a
wall, and his lips have been about an inch away from Dean's, but it's
like Castiel could never close the deal, not even on that last inch.
Like Castiel couldn't figure out exactly what all the tension meant and
why he always found himself right in Dean's personal space.
Dean/Castiel  length:short=[1-10k]  rating:nc-17  Author:tracy-loo-who  first_time  genre:drama  genre:pwp  theme:time_travel  future!Cas 
may 2010 by TehOpheliac
tracy_loo_who: help_haiti Fic #2: Pretty Angel (1/2)
Sometimes Michael frets too, because it's been weeks and things
still aren't happening the way they're supposed to, but he always tells
himself they will. It's destiny, after all; he just has to wait for it.
[Michael has a plan to break Team Free Will, and it involves turning
Castiel into a rentboy.]
Dean/Castiel  length:medium=[10k-30k]  rating:nc-17  Author:tracy-loo-who  genre:drama  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:romance  theme:bonding  theme:angel-whammied  warning:prostitution  kink:rimming  prostitute!Castiel  fake!life 
march 2010 by TehOpheliac
tracy_loo_who: Fic: And I Will Walk On Water (1/18)
Dean had spent the past three months thinking the archangels
had killed Castiel, and now he found himself almost wishing he'd been
right. [In which Dean discovers that the archangels didn't finish their
job after all, and that demons picked up where they left off.]
Dean/Castiel  length:epic=[100k+]  rating:nc-17  Author:tracy-loo-who  Best_Fics  genre:drama  genre:humor  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:dark  Theme:apocalypse  theme:imprisoned  warning:violence  warning:torture  warning:rape  warning:gore  Warning:imprisioned  warning:sadism  Warning:knife-play 
february 2010 by TehOpheliac
tracy_loo_who: Fic: Not All the Way Through (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
When Castiel sees Dean again -- his Dean -- he thinks maybe
he's finally lost it, and that it must be a hallucination, but it's a
fun one, and Castiel is glad for it. It's the one thing he's wanted
above all else ever since he first lost Dean, after all, so he is more
than happy to play along. Then he realizes that everyone else can see
his Dean, too, and that he's real. This realization comes with the
knowledge that the end is close, and later, on a fresh high, Castiel
laughs in something that might be relief. [Castiel's new life begins and
ends with Dean.]
Dean/Castiel  length:short=[1-10k]  rating:r  Author:tracy-loo-who  genre:drama  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:dark  warning:death!fic  warning:drugs  theme:future!fic  Episode:The_End  future!fic  best_fics 
february 2010 by TehOpheliac
tracy_loo_who: Fic: Plastic (Dean/Castiel, NC-17)
Now Castiel is less than six inches tall, thanks to that
Antichrist Dean called a "friggin' brat", and made of plastic. This
part, Dean is conscious of. The part that Dean isn't conscious of is
that Castiel has plastic nerve endings, and that when he touches
Castiel, those sensations travel up to his plastic brain. Castiel can't
move at all, and he can't even speak. So when Dean holds him in his hand
and his thumb presses into Castiel's crotch, Castiel has no choice but
to let his first sexual experience happen like this.
Dean/Castiel  length:short=[1-10k]  rating:nc-17  Author:tracy-loo-who  genre:drama  genre:humor  genre:crack  doll!Castiel 
november 2009 by TehOpheliac
deancastiel: [FIC] Paradise Forgotten, by Carver Edlund (for trinityofone)
Castiel heaved the angel equivalent of an epic sigh and placed
the knife on Bobby's doorstep for them to find. He knew now that
Zachariah had altered their memories to make them cooperate. He just
didn't know what Zachariah had planned for them now or how to fix
things. [The story of Dean and Castiel falling in love— told entirely as
Chuck writes it for the newest Supernatural novel, and something
involving amnesia.]
length:short=[1-10k]  Rating:NC-17  Author:tracy-loo-who  Theme:amnesia  theme:misunderstandings  genre:humor  genre:drama  genre:romance  genre:crack  mind_fuck  Dean/Castiel 
october 2009 by TehOpheliac

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