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Through a Glass, Darkly
"Harry Potter is not a happy child. He carries a danger inside him that manifests itself soon after he arrives at Hogwarts, and it falls to his new Head of House, Severus Snape, to protect Harry, even from himself..." (59,847 words)
harry_potter  severus_snape  draco_malfoy  hermione_granger  albus_dumbledore  gen  slytherin!harry  possessed!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  tortured!harry  thief!harry  apprentice!harry  guardian!severus  protective!severus  understanding!severus  ravenclaw!hermione  pov:severus  hurt/comfort  possession  abuse:child  torture  issues:cults/religion  hunger/starvation  hp:year1  fandom:harrypotter  author:sita_z  have:pdf 
june 2017 by elwarre
A Good King To His People - Sita_Z - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Arthur thinks that getting Merlin in trouble is a laugh. But it really isn’t.


My first try in this fandom, so I'm still finding my feet...
It can be read as Gen or Pre-slash, both work fine. The "dubious consent" tag refers to an incident involving two minor OC's (off screen).
fandom:merlin  pairing:general  type:canonperiod  author:sita_z 
december 2012 by paradox22122
"Magic Actually" by Sita Z
(Harry Potter)
Summary: In his first year at Hogwarts, Harry is the only Gryffindor who signs up to stay at school for Christmas. At Dumbledore's suggestion, he is temporarily transferred to the Slytherin dorms so he won't spend Christmas morning alone. In Severus Snape's opinion, not one of the Headmaster's better ideas.
fanfic  author:Sita_Z  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Novelette  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Humour  category:First_Year  category:Hogwarts-era  category:Holiday  category:Reconciliation  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Draco_Malfoy  characters:Albus_Dumbledore  characters:Minerva_McGonagall 
december 2011 by KerrAvonsen
"Pot Luck" by Sita Z
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Raised to despise magic, eleven-year-old Harry Potter isn't sure being a wizard is a good thing... although a certain snarky Potions Master might just change his mind.

Notes: This gives a good point-of-view of wee!Harry, the influence the Dursleys have on him, both positive and negative. It's intriguing to see how this Harry interprets things differently, and fun to read between the lines of Snape's reactions.
fanfic  author:Sita_Z  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Short_Story  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Abusive_Dursleys  category:First_Year  category:Hogwarts-era  category:PS-compatible  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Severus_Snape  characters:Dudley_Dursley  characters:Hedwig  characters:Petunia_Dursley  characters:Ron_Weasley  characters:Vernon_Dursley 
december 2011 by KerrAvonsen
"Familiar" by Sita Z
(Harry Potter)
Summary: What if Harry came across Slytherin's monster before the diary incident... and asked it to help him deal with his least favorite teacher?

Notes: Short, amusing, dialogue-only alternative universe story. It will give you a chuckle, and a smile, and a warm feeling.
fanfic  author:Sita_Z  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Short_Story  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Dialogue  category:Humour  category:First_Year  category:Hogwarts-era  category:CoS-compatible  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Severus_Snape 
december 2011 by KerrAvonsen

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abuse:child  abused!harry  albus_dumbledore  apprentice!harry  arthur  asshole!arthur  category:abusive_dursleys  category:adoption  category:au  category:canon_divergence  category:christmas  category:cos-compatible  category:dialogue  category:different_past  category:first_year  category:hogwarts-era  category:holiday  category:humour  category:hurt-comfort  category:kid_fic  category:pre-hogwarts  category:ps-compatible  category:reconciliation  character_study  characters:albus_dumbledore  characters:draco_malfoy  characters:dudley_dursley  characters:harry_potter  characters:hedwig  characters:minerva_mcgonagall  characters:petunia_dursley  characters:remus_lupin  characters:ron_weasley  characters:severus_snape  characters:vernon_dursley  draco_malfoy  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:merlin  fanfic  finis:complete  friendship  gen  guardian!severus  guilty!arthur  harry_potter  have:pdf  hermione_granger  hp:year1  hunger/starvation  hurt!harry  hurt!merlin  hurt/comfort  issues:class  issues:cults/religion  length:novelette  length:short_story  merlin  pairing:general  possessed!harry  possession  pov:arthur  pov:severus  protective!arthur  protective!severus  ranking:good  ravenclaw!hermione  severus_snape  slytherin!harry  thief!harry  torture  tortured!harry  type:canonperiod  understanding!severus  universe:harry_potter  whipped!merlin  whipping 

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