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this displacement begs for water - sepia_cigarettes - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
“They're super...not fussy here, hey?" Okay, not great, but it’s a start.

Shiro's hand is still warm against his back. "About?"

He's teasing him, Keith knows, but it isn’t mean spirited.

"Who you like," Keith utters, tongue thick and useless, mouth too fucking dry.

"No," Shiro says softly. "No, they're not."

The Chion have never seen someone with such gorgeous dark hair as Keith's. Keith has never seen somewhere so liberal with who they like.
fandom:voltron  status:oneshot  wordcount:05-10k  source:ao3  author:sepia_cigarettes  pairing:shiro/keith  category:comingout  category:friendstolovers  category:gettingtogether  category:kissing 
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slowly dying to make it through - sepia_cigarettes - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
But Shiro doesn’t bring the sun, because that’s Keith. Keith is the one who brings warmth, hidden in the gentleness of his eyes and the curve of his cheekbones. The slope of his smile sets Shiro on fire.

Shiro doesn’t do that. Shiro brings clouds and shadows and rain that’s so fucking cold it seeps into his bones every day and turns them to ice, and it feels like he’s always just one misstep away from shattering against the ground.

God, how he wants to shatter.

In which Shiro and Keith come home from the war and help each other rebuild. Picks up right after Season 7.
fandom:voltron  status:oneshot  wordcount:40-50k  source:ao3  author:sepia_cigarettes  pairing:shiro/keith  era:post-season7  genre:hurt/comfort  category:ptsd  category:panicattack  category:sharingabed  category:pining  category:friendstolovers  category:slowburn  category:gettingtogether 
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