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SecondStarOnTheLeft: Is not that strange?
Éomer's sister finds his marriage strange - but his wife seems not to find fault in it.


Éomer, Lothíriel, and a tender evening.
AO3  !het  pairing:eomer/lothiriel  fandom:lotr  rating:NC-17  trope:marriage  genre:PWP  author:SecondStarOnTheLeft 
5 weeks ago by Miscella
You and I conspire and split the ground
Grandfather's boots are next, soft and worn where Father's are always polished to gleaming, and then Grandfather's hands, and then his face. He looks tired, under his beard, under his crown, but he is smiling when he reaches under the bed to her.

"My sister Daella used hide under her bed with her dollies, when we were small," he says, his voice very quiet and very gentle. "Will you come out, poppet? Your grandmother and I would like to speak with you a little, if we may."
fanfiction  fandom:asoiaf  author:SecondStarOnTheLeft  gen  pairing:doran  martell/rhaella  targaryen 
12 weeks ago by smallsaddad
Rough Winds Do Shake
In which Willas wraps a cloak of green and gold around Sansa’s shoulders, Garlan is truly Gallant, and the Tyrells live up to their words.
author:secondstarontheleft  rating:r  fandom:asoiaf  pairing:willas/sansa 
august 2014 by andbless_mybaby
Kindness, Not Fear
In the wake of Daenerys' triumph, Sansa comes to King's Landing. Multi-POV post-series short fic.
rating:r  fandom:asoiaf  author:secondstarontheleft  pairing:tyrion/sansa  pairing:aegon/margaery 
august 2014 by andbless_mybaby
Something that ought to have lain there unnoticed
Elorian understands before Sansa does, which is probably why he changes to a tiny little field mouse and scampers up her sleeve, so he can’t be taken away from her when she begins to rage and scream as Ice descends and Mafanwye fades in a brilliant starburst of golden dust. (Or, HDM daemons in Westeros and all that that entails). || babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. oh my god ): first off, the lack of bran/reeds +arya makes me sad. However everything else is so wonderful I am not sure how to deal. Davos <3 The Rickon/Shireen hints. Margy surviving. Willasssss ): Gods, this is everything I want for Sansa. Happiness ):
author:secondstarontheleft  fic  fandom:  game  of  thrones  wc:20-30k  fandom:asoiaf  pairing:sansa/willas  !ar  !daemon  !sweet  from delicious
may 2013 by scandy_melons
She had conditioned herself to withstand the blows and the hatred with the pride of a Lannister but the hesitant kindness was something she had no armor against.
pairing:robb/myrcella  rating:r  fandom:asoiaf  author:secondstarontheleft 
june 2012 by andbless_mybaby

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