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A collection of short stories chronicling Thorin and Bilbo's relationship, in canon, and various alternate universe scenarios.
Author:Sarcasmcat  TheHobbit  Slash  fanfic  Thorin/Bilbo  Hurt/Comfort  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  AlternateUniverse-Highschool  Alpha/Beta/Omega  Reincarnation  ShortStories  Length:20.000-50.000  MultiChapter 
december 2017 by Ambrosine8
Intertwined - Sarcasmcat - The Hobbit (2012), The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Fíli and Kíli reflect on Thorin and Bilbo's relationship and regret it's end.


Much thanks to ProwlinStar, as always.

Just a little future fic that demanded to be written.
fandom:Tolkien  author:sarcasmcat 
february 2013 by paradox22122

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alpha/beta/omega  alternateuniverse-canondivergence  alternateuniverse-highschool  archive:ao3  archive:livejournal  fandom:magnificentseven  fandom:tolkien  fanfic  fanfic:story  genre:breakup  genre:reconciliation  hurt/comfort  length:20.000-50.000  multichapter  pairing:buckwilmington/vintanner  pairing:chrislarabee/ezrastandish  pairing:chrislarabee/marytravis  reincarnation  setting:atf  setting:au  setting:modern  shortstories  slash  thehobbit  thorin/bilbo  warning:characterdeath 

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