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Sarah Rees Brennan - The Turn of the Story Master Post (plus new story)
Elliot Schafer has been carried off to a magical land and called to fight… but he has no intention of doing so. He is a little disappointed by the facilities on the Border, but he gets to meet Serene-Heart-In-The-Chaos-Of-Battle, an elf warrior, and Luke Sunborn, an annoyingly brave human warrior native to the magical land he’s crossed into. There are also mermaids, unicorns and assorted battles and political issues, with Elliot alternatively using diplomacy and saying the completely wrong thing. // I have also often called it the story of the grouchiest kid in fantasyland. It follows Elliot from thirteen to seventeen, and it is a story about fantasy lands and the horrors we don’t talk about in them, and the horrors we carry about inside ourselves, and also the hilarious things possible in a magic land and the beauty of friendship, I hope.

|| Heard good things about this! Apparently finally done? Is the whole thing up, then? Novella/Novel. I think.
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REAL LADY SLEUTHS | Sarah Rees Brennan
"For my very last Sleuth Thursday, I thought I would talk about Real Life Lady Sleuths, because the times I have discussed real life ladies before–with Nellie Bly and Mildred Wirt Benson–they have been so awesome, and I have found it awesome to do."
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sarahtales: I Belong to Chrestomanci Castle
Because of Diana Wynne Jones, who I never met, I was irrevocably altered: my purpose in life, the things I wanted, the way I think and the way I communicate with other people. Her words changed my world.

That means a lot. She meant a lot to me.

Part of me belongs to Chrestomanci Castle. It always will.

God--truer fucking words. I nearly started bawling in the middle of my living room, roommates be damned. I still ache every time I realize she's gone; Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle is still one of my favorite characters ever--and the heroine of one of my favorite narratives. God. I just want to reread them all again.
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sarahtales: I Have A New Anthology Out, and Some Stuff To Say
It’s important not to exclude people, it’s important to represent everyone. As a nerdy book-loving (though not quiet… nobody will ever tell you I’m quiet) girl, I was able to see people like me in books, even if there was nobody quite as nerdy and book-loving in my real life. (For all the nerdy book-loving girls out there: Diana Wynne Jones’s House of Many Ways really rang my recognition bell. You’re welcome.) That was good for me, in a way I didn’t even recognise until years later. I don’t think any writer wants a reader to read their book, and think: ‘Well, I’m not there. Guess I’m on the Isle of Issuelandia. Oh man, not again. Kind of like always going to the Isle of Wight for your holidays. We never get to go out clubbing in Spain.’ It is wrong to banish people from the mainland!
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Coldwater High eZine: Q&A with Sarah Rees Brennan, author of THE DEMON'S LEXICON
contains a cookie for the third part of the trilogy...but also some fun and useful writing tips.
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