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Violet Hill
"Where Harriet Potter is Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes' soulmate." (28,279 words - WIP - read through ch3)

This is not the sort of thing I'd normally read, but I really enjoyed it.
harry_potter  bucky_barnes  steve_rogers  tony_stark  clint_barton  natasha_romanov  harry/bucky/steve  girl!harry  independent!harry  abused!harry  protective!bucky  clueless!tony  pov:harry  drama  genderswap  abuse:child  magic  confession/secrets  bonding/soulmates  polyamory  preslash  pairings:unusual  crossover  fandom:marvel  fandom:harrypotter  author:rejectedreality  wip 
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abuse:child  abused!harry  bonding/soulmates  bucky_barnes  clint_barton  clueless!tony  confession/secrets  crossover  drama  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:marvel  genderswap  girl!harry  harry/bucky/steve  harry_potter  independent!harry  magic  natasha_romanov  pairings:unusual  polyamory  pov:harry  preslash  protective!bucky  steve_rogers  tony_stark  wip 

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