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Do you remember love? by psiten
"Almost ten years after the Paladins saved this reality, and all the rest of them, they face what may be their greatest challenge of all: make Shiro seem boring, because if they don't, their real mission can't even start. Can they do it? Will their plan fail? Most importantly, will Bii Boh-Bii ever forgive them for ruining his artistic vision with their petty real life relationship drama?

"Wow. It's like I stepped into a movie."

"You did," Veronica told Curtis. She could barely contain her smile as she pushed her glasses up on her nose. This was her favorite part. "The 'Where Are They Now?' documentary segment of the Voltron Legendary Defender finale will be filming in late summer/early fall. We plan to use it to solidify the fake marriage story with the media. Your first mission objective is to have the world's most cliché and boring whirlwind romance, such that when documentary filming happens, the directors have nothing to say about it except, 'And they lived happily ever after, we guess.' Any questions?""
fandom:voltron  author:psiten  keith/shiro  unread 
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After this by psiten
""Keith," Pidge whispered, jabbing him in the gut with her pointy, bony elbow.

"That hurt, Pidge!"

"You'll live. Get your shit together before someone else notices you spacing out. Allura's starting the wormhole jump.""
fandom:voltron  author:psiten  keith/shiro  unread 
may 2017 by Laria_Gwyn
The ones we leave behind by psiten
"In between all the bleeding and fighting, time for reading and writing.

"Hey..." The unmistakable sound of a thought appearing in Lance's brain, like the proximity of magnetic force summoning an electric charge out of nothingness. "Wait a second, Pidge... your human name was Katie Holt, right?"

"Um. My birth name was Katie, or Katherine anyway. I never stopped being human, thanks.""
this is so great
fandom:voltron  author:psiten  genfic 
january 2017 by Laria_Gwyn
Order up! by psiten / skinner
" The shots had the perfect amount of crema on top. Absolutely perfect, which said good things about the maintenance of Allura's machines and about the roasters who supplied her product as well as his ability to pull a darn good shot. They went in the cup before they could cool. Then, he marked the top with another splash of milk, and some foam shaped like the V in the Cafe Voltron logo (since he could).

"Order up," Keith said, handing Allura the hot cup on a saucer.

She took her first sip slowly while he cleaned up his station. "Very smooth. Correct temperature, good body, no excess bitterness..." The manager waited a moment after she swallowed before she announced, "... and no issues with the aftertaste. You're hired, Keith."

In the space of two weeks, Keith moves to a new state, gets a job at Cafe Voltron, and accidentally launches his workplace into a high-stakes coffee showdown. Also, he might just have met the love of his life. "
fandom:voltron  author:psiten  voltron:au  keith/shiro 
december 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
The butterfly effect by psiten / skinner
"Uchiha Itachi was sure life couldn't get any better than going out for ice cream with his baby brother. Then, Naruto happened."

v delightful
updated 2013
fandom:naruto  author:psiten  naruto:au  genfic  wip  abandoned 
december 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
Patterns of proximity by psiten
""Shiro..." Keith asked. "Where were you?"

"No place you need to follow. It's fine, Keith." Shiro didn't need to look at his face to know his fellow Paladin was worried about how much time Shiro had been spending losing his grip on reality.

Separated from Team Voltron and lost under an unfamiliar sky, just the two of them, it's the perfect time for Shiro and Keith to have a talk. Or, you know... not."
fandom:voltron  author:psiten  keith/shiro  nc-17  unread 
december 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
Not sorry at all by psiten
"As long as he was here, and his harp wasn't gonna be ready for another hour, Deidara figured he might as well make sure Itachi's cousin or whatever didn't die of stupid.

In which a few members of Akatsuki and all of Team 7 are running around, being their high-strung, ass-hat selves, and none of them are sorry for anything. At all. Not even a little. [Modern Rock Band AU]"
fandom:naruto  author:psiten  naruto:au  genfic 
december 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
Lions and magnets and neuroanalytic semi-metallic fluid conductors, oh my! by psiten
""I've been analyzing the inputs that help link us each up to our Lions and that turn our bayards into weapons, and sure, a lot of it's based on this quintessence stuff that Allura and Coran have been talking about, which, you know, I kind of get and I kind of don't get? But some of it's also actual neural linkage through surface-active reception! Like, have you ever wondered how those levers in the Lions work for literally everything? Well, I checked for neural conduits like on the bayards, and boom, when I found them, I had an idea--"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Hunk put out his hands, because a lot of things could happen when Pidge said she had an idea, and he had to be sure which way this was going. "First: is the Castle about to explode?"

A little late night science never hurt anybody! Just ask the local genius duo!"
fandom:voltron  author:psiten  genfic  recommended 
december 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
Spectacles by skinner / psiten
"Sasuke may have to wear glasses, but that doesn't mean he has to like it -- and it definitely doesn't mean he needs help picking them out.

"No, not those. Those make your face look fat."

He turned away from the mirror and removed the glasses frames, which he had noticed perfectly well on his own were less than flattering. "Oi. I let you stay, so just sit still and shut up. You're a jounin, not a kindergartener.""
dying of laughter
fandom:naruto  author:psiten  naruto/sasuke  recommended 
december 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
PidgeQuest by psiten
PIDGE: Hey, yourself. What's up?
KEITH: ... It's nothing.

Initiate analysis.
Input statement: "It's nothing."
Run comparison based on behavior and appearance... running...
Analysis complete. Input statement is FALSE. Situation involving KEITH is not "nothing". Processing time: 0.7 milliseconds.

Proceed to care? (Y/N)

fandom:voltron  genfic  recommended  author:psiten 
december 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
Of all the soda joints in all the world by psiten
"The plaza was filled with enterprising souls who'd set up vending stalls as if they were in the middle of a festival with no beginning and no end. You could buy t-shirts and cotton candy, and go goldfish dipping in the shadow of the place where the world nearly ended.

Where Fuuma had nearly ended the world, before Kamui had stopped him.

Fuuma came looking for closure. He may have to face more than a steel tower before he can get it."
fandom:x1999  genfic  fuuma/kamui  recommended  author:psiten 
august 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
The more you know by psiten
"Sakura gasped from inside the bathroom, then raised her voice with a little waver. "Umm, Syaoran-kun?" He knew he was stocked up on toilet paper and soap, so there was really only one thing it could be, especially since she'd taken her purse in with her."
fandom:cardcaptorsakura  sakura/syaoran  author:psiten 
august 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
Sugar is sweet, and sometimes you can be an unbelievable dingbat! by psiten
"The notice stuck to Kaoru-dono's door had yet another threat of extortion and personal violence scrawled on it, Kenshin noticed. He tucked the bouquet of violets he'd brought home for his wife into his sleeve and pulled the paper down from the lintel. Such a waste of good paper."
hahaha adorable
fandom:rurounikenshin  kaoru/kenshin  recommended  author:psiten 
august 2016 by Laria_Gwyn
Button Up Your Overcoat
Ed could untie knots in the fifth and sixth dimensions -- blindfolded. He could convince the military he fell through a rabbit-hole, and he could even shut down a Drachman invasion (with a little help), but he can't seem to avoid dating Roy Mustang (and maybe is kind of okay with that). But here's hoping they can collar a General trying to trigger a three-way war, and that they can stop him before he destroys the world.
author:skinner  author:psiten  fandom:fullmetalalchemist  rating:nc17  type:slash  pairing:edwardelric/roymustang  genre:postcanon  genre:drama  genre:humor  status:complete  count:100000-200000 
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Button Up Your Overcoat Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole, a fullmetal alchemist fanfic | FanFiction
Ed can untie knots in the sixth dimension, convince the military he fell through a rabbit-hole, and shut down an invasion with some help from Roy , but can't seem to make his hormones behave or to sort out who's staging this coup.

current chp 6
fullmetal-alchemist/  author:psiten  roy/ed  r  edward-elric  roy-mustang  slash  get-together  LOVE-verse  love  hawkeye(Risa)  alphonse-elric  complete-cast  jealousy  romance  humour  pining  au  wip  ed-returns  fma  from delicious
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Make Yourself At Home - psiten - The Avengers (2012), Iron Man (Movies), Captain America (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Bonding over sleepless nights, incoherency, and pizza. Because sometimes, you need a friend.

author:psiten  rating:pg  pairing:tony/steve  location:ao3  fandom:avengers  pairing:sciencebros 
june 2012 by swisscheese
Make Yourself At Home
Bonding over sleepless nights, incoherency, and pizza. Because sometimes, you need a friend.

"Sure you won't come up for a drink? You know, as long as you're in the neighborhood."
"I bet you say that to all the defrosted soldiers on your doorstep at three in the morning."
fanwork  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/steve  length:oneshot  rating:G  type:prose  quality:whale  site:AO3  author:psiten  extra:baseball  extra:FixCoulson  extra:teambonding  extra:breakfast  extra:toPodfic  extra:wishList 
may 2012 by opalsong
Make Yourself At Home [Avengers fic by psiten, on AO3]
"Tony," Pepper said in her best kindergarten teacher voice, "if Steve doesn't want a baseball team, then you definitely can't get him one. Now, I'm going to the shareholder's meeting--"


"And you're not buying the Moon. Goodbye."

The click of the phone line cutting off left him staring at Bruce's cocked eyebrow and listening to the sizzle of frying ham. "What? Can you think of anyone who deserves the Dodgers more than Steve?"

"Would you even know how to take care of a baseball team?"

"What? You mean feed them, groom them, take them for walks, change their litter? That kind of stuff?"

Bruce shook his head and slid his breakfast out onto a plate. "You might want to decide if they're a dog or a cat before you buy."
fandom:Avengers  pairing:Tony/Steve  author:psiten  category:fanfic  admin:WIP  admin:length:medium  admin:notkindled  admin:rating:sweet  admin:rec  atmosphere:warm  Av:film-compliant  Av:movie!canon  Av:Tony-is-kind-of-ADHD-here  genre:banter  genre:friendship  genre:humor  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:preslash  genre:slash  admin:host:AO3 
may 2012 by sumeria
Make Yourself At Home
Bonding over sleepless nights, incoherency, and pizza. Because sometimes, you need a friend.

"Sure you won't come up for a drink? You know, as long as you're in the neighborhood." "I bet you say that to all the defrosted soldiers on your doorstep at three in the morning."
author:psiten  fandom:marvel  fanfic  tony_stark  steve_rogers  pairing:steve/tony  slash  incomplete 
may 2012 by jhaelyn
FF: Button Up Your Overcoat
Ed could untie knots in the fifth and sixth dimensions -- blindfolded -- and he could convince the military he fell through a rabbit-hole, and he could even shut down a Drachman invasion (with a little help from Roy Mustang), but he can't seem to make his hormones behave or to sort out which general is trying to destabilize Amestris from within. One or the other would be nice if anyone's shopping for his birthday.
author:psiten  Edward.Elric  Roy.Mustang  FMA:General  FMA:First.Series  via:iluxia 
february 2012 by aventria

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