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Reasons Sam Won't Move His Seat For Bucky; neversaydie
The time he stole his steering wheel (right out of his fucking hands while he was very much driving and trying to avoid being killed Steve it's not funny in hindsight).

The time he ripped off Sam's wing and kicked him off a helicarrier.

The time he picked Sam up by his face and threw him across the room.

Sam has a long list of reasons Bucky isn't getting any favours from him any time soon.
mcu  steve_bucky_sam  genre:humor  pining!sam  pissedoff!sam  enemiestolovers  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:neversaydie  0-5k  ~ 
october 2018 by Itsokaydean
neversaydie: Somewhat Damaged
When he gets to the part where he was deciding between swallowing a bottle of vodka or a bullet, his hands are shaking.
AO3  pairing:clint/coulson  character:nick_fury  character:tonystark  not_NT  warning:suicidal_thoughts  series  rating:R  author:neversaydie  !slash 
october 2014 by Miscella
Somebody To Love by neversaydie
"I'm telling you man, he's weird." Shane shakes his head.

"He's not that weird."

It's a lie. Daryl Dixon is weird. Everyone on campus knows it, and everyone whispers about it. Supposedly he grew up in the backwoods of Georgia. Supposedly his brother is in jail for first degree murder. Supposedly he hasn't spoken to anyone except his project supervisor all semester.

Rick's not sure how many of those things are true. All he knows is, he can't stop thinking about Daryl Dixon.
fandom:walkingdead  pairing:daryl/rick  rating:pg  author:neversaydie  misc:au  misc:signlanguage 
january 2014 by krissielee

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