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Lucky You - MostFacinorous - Doctrine of Labyrinths - Sarah Monette [Archive of Our Own]
Mildmay is asleep at the hotel, bedbound by the Winter Fever, and Felix is out turning tricks to earn their room rent, when he gets more than he bargained for.
The two of them are left to deal with the consequences, guilt, and truth.
dol  fanfic  ao3  author:MostFacinorous  slash  nsfw  incest  dub-con  Felix/Mildmay  amnesia  prostitution  alcohol  drugs 
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Worth - MostFacinorous - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky's deathly ill, being burned alive by his unstable serum, and the doctors are at a loss. Wanda finds a magical cure all, but it requires someone to lose their virginity to a spellcaster for it to work.
Fortunately for Steve, there's one person around willing to do the deed. The fallout from it is not what either of them expects, though.
Avengers  fanfic  ao3  author:MostFacinorous  slash  nsfw  first_time  dub-con  Loki/Steve  Bucky/Natasha  Wanda_Maximoff  angst  unrequited 
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The Ghost of Beacon Hills High [Mostfacinorous]
"Who the heck is Greenberg? Like… has anyone ever even met the guy? Or seen him?"
Author:Mostfacinorous  Fic  Gen  TeenWolf  AU:Ghost  WordCount:  Source 
july 2013 by Brandysnaps
Teen Wolf: The Ghost of Beacon Hills
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: Major Character Death
Category: M/M
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Relationships: Danny Mahealani/Isaac Lahey, Bobby Finstock/Greenberg
Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Danny Mahealani, Isaac Lahey, Bobby Finstock, Greenberg (Teen Wolf)
Words: 3122
Title: The Ghost of Beacon Hills High
Author: mostfacinorous
Summary: "Who the heck is Greenberg? Like… has anyone ever even met the guy? Or seen him?"
Fandom:TeenWolf  Character:StilesStilinski  Character:DannyMahealani  Character:IsaacLahey  Character:BobbyFinstock  Character:Greenberg(TeenWolf)  Pair:DannyMahealani/IsaacLahey  Pair:BobbyFinstock/Greenberg  Author:Mostfacinorous  Rating:T  Words:1000-5000  genre:EpicComplexicities  genre:GEN  genre:HighSchool  genre:Mystery  genre:Ghosts  Type:Fic 
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alcohol  amnesia  angst  ao3  au:ghost  avengers  bucky/natasha  character:bobbyfinstock  character:dannymahealani  character:greenberg(teenwolf)  character:isaaclahey  character:stilesstilinski  dol  drugs  dub-con  fandom:teenwolf  fanfic  felix/mildmay  fic  first_time  gen  genre:epiccomplexicities  genre:gen  genre:ghosts  genre:highschool  genre:mystery  incest  loki/steve  nsfw  pair:bobbyfinstock/greenberg  pair:dannymahealani/isaaclahey  prostitution  rating:t  slash  source  teenwolf  type:fic  unrequited  wanda_maximoff  wordcount:  words:1000-5000 

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