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"The Price is Right" by Maiden Thailand
(Harry Potter)
Summary: Harry is more money-conscious when he arrives at Gringotts with Hagrid; he's not going to let the wonders of magic take away his common sense, and if he can get a good deal, he's going to take it. Point of deviation: Harry's primary school taught Home Economics.
fanfic  author:Maiden_Thailand  universe:Harry_Potter  length:Novella  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:AU  category:Different_Sorting  category:Ravenclaw_Harry  category:Humour  category:First_Year  characters:Harry_Potter  characters:Dean_Thomas  characters:Morag_MacDougal  characters:Justin_Finch-Fletchley  characters:Hagrid  characters:Draco_Malfoy  characters:Hermione_Granger 
october 2015 by KerrAvonsen

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category:au  category:different_sorting  category:first_year  category:humour  category:ravenclaw_harry  characters:dean_thomas  characters:draco_malfoy  characters:hagrid  characters:harry_potter  characters:hermione_granger  characters:justin_finch-fletchley  characters:morag_macdougal  fanfic  finis:complete  length:novella  ranking:good  universe:harry_potter 

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