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Talking Stick/Circle
A remarkable "braided novel" of 8 stories and novellas which Macedon wrote in tandem with the equally remarkable Peg Robinson. Too sprawling (in the grand sense) in scale and reach to reduce to a mere synopsis; let us just say that this is Voyager unfettered and red in tooth and claw, such as Paramount with its nice tidy pander-to-the-demographics mentality could only dream of producing. Faith, community, alienation and belonging, honest conflict between Maquis and Starfleet, and the realities of life far from home and safety. These are just a few of the things Macedon and Peg handled with discretion and grace.
fandom:Star.Trek:Voyager  author:Peg  author:Macedon 
august 2012 by em.creek
[Star Trek DS9] The Jeu-Parti Trilogy by Macedon
Jake Sisko falls in love with a Vulcan castrato. One of my all-time favorite stories in any fandom. I fell in love with the OMC, and the stories have a nice treatment of gender issues.
fandom:DS9  pairing:Jake/OMC  author:Macedon  series 
november 2011 by Piscaria
wisdom and beauty
SUMMARY: The tale of the first Vulcan-Human pair bonded 'normally'--at
age seven.
My favorite trek story of all time. great original characters.
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february 2008 by sosaith

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