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Through a Glass Darkly
"At the CDC Shane takes out his frustration on Daryl for the first time. What will happen between the two of them as Shane becomes more and more unhinged? And will Rick be able to help?" (17,902 words)
daryl_dixon  rick_grimes  shane_walsh  carol_peletier  lori_grimes  daryl/rick  daryl/shane  lori/rick  hurt!daryl  raped!daryl  sick!daryl  clueless!rick  grieving!rick  asshole!shane  dark!shane  angst  dark  hurt/comfort  friendship  grief  noncon/dubcon  self_loathing  selfharm  slowburn  first_time  wd:season:2  wd:season:3  fandom:walkingdead  author:lea_ysaye 
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angst  asshole!shane  carol_peletier  clueless!rick  dark!shane  dark  daryl/rick  daryl/shane  daryl_dixon  fandom:walkingdead  first_time  friendship  grief  grieving!rick  hurt!daryl  hurt/comfort  lori/rick  lori_grimes  noncon/dubcon  raped!daryl  rick_grimes  self_loathing  selfharm  shane_walsh  sick!daryl  slowburn  wd:season:2  wd:season:3 

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