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Gag Order
Louis set his hand on Mike’s shoulder and gave him a firm shake. “Get command of yourself. You can do this. Just remember: whatever Sandor wants, Sandor gets. Be accommodating. Get this guy signed.” He waved a hand in front of Mike’s face. “Hello. Did you hear what I just said? What are you going to be?” Mike blinked. “Accommodating?” “That’s the spirit. Now, get on that chopper. I’ve got to get back to the office.” (66,308 words) Sequel: Summons and Complaint
mike_ross  harvey_specter  louis_litt  harvey/mike  hurt!mike(suits)  whipped!mike(suits)  bottom!mike(suits)  protective!harvey  guilty!harvey  top!harvey  angst  hurt/comfort  blackmail  stalkers  noncon/dubcon  escape/rescue  clinic/hospital  whipping  series/verse  first_time  fandom:suits  author:joni_beloni 
february 2017 by elwarre

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angst  blackmail  bottom!mike(suits)  clinic/hospital  escape/rescue  fandom:suits  first_time  guilty!harvey  harvey/mike  harvey_specter  hurt!mike(suits)  hurt/comfort  louis_litt  mike_ross  noncon/dubcon  protective!harvey  series/verse  stalkers  top!harvey  whipped!mike(suits)  whipping 

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