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Territories That Had Become Stone - Jai (lordessrenegade) - Dead Poets Society (1989) [Archive of Our Own]
<p>He set out to tell a story, and in the process of editing, he decided to stop trying to tell anything at all. He asked instead, and found that the questions came easier.</p>
author:Jai  fandom:to_tag 
january 2016 by llitchi
Since We Have to Be Here - Jai (lordessrenegade) - Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
The thing is, Patrick really likes going down on guys.
"I'm going to do something," Patrick says, walking onto Pete's bus and locking the door behind him. "I'm going to do something, and you're not going to make a thing out of it, ok? You're not going to say anything, and we're not going to talk about it, but I'm just going to…I have to—" his hands land on Pete's hips, pushing him back into the nearest wall, and he drops to his knees in front of him.

Pete lets out a strangled sound. "I. Um," he tries.

Patrick leans forward, his lips brushing against the zipper of Pete's pants. "You're not. Going. To talk," he says, his hands sliding down Pete's thighs, feeling the heat of his skin through his jeans. "I know that's a hard concept for you," his fingers trace along the inner seams of the pants, curling up around the waistband and pulling Pete's hips up off the wall a little, towards him so he can work on the button. "But you're going to do it. Or I'm going to stop."

Pete lets out a sound very close to a whimper, but doesn't say anything. Patrick smiles.

"Good," he says, and mouths Pete's cock through his pants. Pete's head tips back against the wall with a thud.
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  author:Jai 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
Tastes Like Blue - Jai (lordessrenegade) - My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
"You think they're hiding?"

"Mikey really didn't want to do this interview."

"Why not?" Patrick asked. When Gerard just kind of looked at him, he added, "I mean, okay, no one wants to do interviews, but why this one in particular?"

Gerard shrugged. "I'm pretty sure he and the guy hooked up last summer, but you couldn't pay me enough to want to think about it, so the official answer is that I have no idea."

Patrick laughed. "Ah, I know that problem well," he said. "What is it about reporters?"

"They're easy?" Gerard suggested.

"And so are Pete and Mikey," Patrick filled in, then looked a little embarrassed. "I didn't mean Mikey's - " he started, but Gerard just waved a hand at him.

"Nah, he is," he said, looking completely unoffended. "And, you know. Then there's Pete."

Patrick sighed. "Yeah," he agreed. "There's Pete."
fandom:BandomFOB  fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:gerard/patrick  pairing:mikey/pete  author:Jai 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
Wake Up and Notice You're Someone You're Not - Jai (lordessrenegade) - My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
"Hey, you try googling 'bodyswap,'" Bob said, "and see where it gets you."
"Look, guys, this is…" he let go of the coffee long enough to wave one hand around uselessly. "This is bad."

"Thank you, Mikey," Patrick said dryly. "Because we couldn't tell that before." He was sitting on the floor in front of the tv, resting his chin on his knees, arms wrapped around his legs. The coffee Gerard had handed him was sitting at his side, warming him through his pants, because he couldn't really deal with seeing Frank's hands every time he lifted the mug to take a sip.

"No, I mean…" Mikey frowned. "Has anyone even thought to wonder where Frank is?"

"Oh." Patrick blinked. "Oh shit."
fandom:BandomMCR  fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:gerard/patrick  author:Jai 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
First Doesn't Mean There Was No One Before - Jai (lordessrenegade) - Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
tour blowjob (n.) Oral sex performed on a member of a band by a) a member of his own band, b) a member of another band, or c) a member of the road crew. Does not include encounters with groupies. [Wentz.]
"Ok. It was Joe."

Brendon blinked. "Joe…Joe Trohman Joe?"

"That's the one."

"Joe Trohman, the straightest guy in the world—or at least Pete Wentz's corner of it—Joe?"

"That Joe, yeah."


Patrick laughed, loud in the quiet room. "Because maybe he's not so straight after all?" he suggested, then he paused, some of the humor draining from his face. "And because he thought that if it was Pete—and it was going to be, eventually, I'm sure—that I'd fall hopelessly in love with him and get my heart broken." His mouth twisted into a painful little smile. "Joe's kind of an awesome friend like that."

"He gave you a blowjob to save you?" Brendon asked, a little awed. "It's like a fairy tale."
fandom:BandomPATD  fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:brendon/patrick  pairing:jon/spencer  author:Jai 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
Time and Familiarity [Jai]
(or, six moments of casual intimacy between the Horsemen, and one moment that wasn't casual at all)
Fic  NowYouSeeMe  5_Things  Friendship  Romance  Smut  Polyamory  Author:Jai  WordCount:5-10k  Source 
december 2013 by Brandysnaps
All the Lies We Bought
She rocked against him as his mouth found a sensitive spot on her throat, Peeta's eyes meeting his over her shoulder, and he suddenly had the realization that her motions were more practiced, more steady than the last time he'd had her in his bed like this, and that Peeta was the reason for it. He wondered what she had learned from him, and vice versa, and what Peeta may have learned from Haymitch through Katniss, and the thought went instantly to his dick.
author:jai  fandom:hungergames  rating:nc-17  pairing:haymitch/katniss  pairing:peeta/katniss  pairing:haymitch/peeta/katniss 
december 2013 by andbless_mybaby
Provisions by klb, written by jai
Three thousand in the shade, and Gerard was outside. Mikey's boots echoed hollowly against the wood of the porch as he followed, settling down on the steps, stretching his legs out in front of him so that just his toes peeked into the pool of sunlight on the walkway.

Length: 00:05:50
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Band:MyChemicalRomance-Killjoys  Pairing:Gen  Podficcer:klb  Author:jai  Length:<0:10 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Go West, Young Ladies by klb, shiningartifact, written by jai
"When you tell your sister about this day, I never want it to be said that we did not pay proper tribute to, you know." She waved a hand eloquently. "Stuff."

Length: 00:06:04
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Band:MyChemicalRomance-Killjoys  Pairing:Gen  Podficcer:klb  Podficcer:shiningartifact  Author:jai  Length:<0:10 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
A Sound of Far-Off Music by isweedan, written by jai
In the days before the flu came to New Jersey, a small boy lived there with his younger brother and parents in a house that was little and comfortable, warm and pleasantly untidy, and full of all the things a young boy needed to fuel his imagination.

Length: 00:52:52
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Pairing:Frank/Gerard  Podficcer:isweedan  Author:jai  Length:0:45-1:00 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Domesticity Commentfic by Soundslikej by inkjunket, written by jai
Alex/Darwin, who steals the blankets
Charles/Erik, what they order from takeout
Charles/Erik, who remembers anniversaries
Frank/Gerard, the most trivial thing they fight about
Frank/Gerard, who remembers anniversaries
lady!Killjoys gen, who remembers anniversaries
Ben/Leslie, who buys the milk
Ben/Leslie, their favorite non-sexual activity
Anna/Bates, their favorite non-sexual activity

Length: 00:22:16
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Pairing:Frank/Gerard  Podficcer:inkjunket  Author:jai  Length:0:20-0:30 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Hang Up the Halo (Maybe You're Right)
"What happened?" "Missed," he said succinctly. "You don't miss." He shrugged. "I did today."
"Perfect," Clint said. "Hey, thanks for not getting me dead," he added as he fell into step with Coulson.

Coulson looked up at him, and nodded. "Likewise," he said, and Clint started mentally running through a list of ways to try to make Coulson blush again as he followed him down the hall.
fandom:comics  fandom:avengers  pairing:Clint/Phil  author:Jai  author:lordessrenegade 
december 2012 by waitingforrain
The Walls and Roof of This House
"I don't lie to Barton." "He lies to you." "Not very well. Not as well as you do."
The story of Phil's partnership with Natasha. And then Clint. And then both of them.
fandom:comics  fandom:avengers  pairing:Natasha/Phil  pairing:Clint/Phil  pairing:Clint/Natasha  pairing:Clint/Natasha/Phil  author:Jai  author:lordessrenegade 
december 2012 by waitingforrain
Chapter Read, Lesson Learned
four times Clint Barton fell asleep in front of Phil Coulson, and one time he didn't.
fandom:comics  fandom:avengers  author:Jai  author:lordessrenegade 
december 2012 by waitingforrain
On the Clock
"What do you think, boss?" Clint asked, leaning back against the doorframe of the hotel room and adjusting the sleeves of his jacket. "Would you want a piece of this?"

Coulson barely glanced up at him. "Barton," he said calmly, "if I had the time, I would take you apart right there against that door."

Clint grinned at him. "You say stuff like that like you mean it too many times, and I might just start believing you." This time, Coulson did look at him, direct and steady and with enough heat behind it that Clint felt most of his blood rushing rapidly downwards. "Jesus," he breathed out, "could your timing possibly be more for shit?"
fandom:comics  fandom:avengers  author:jai  author:lordessrenegade  pairing:Clint/Phil  tag:ficlet  tag:series 
december 2012 by waitingforrain
Not to Say the Things We Mean
"It took me four years to trust Phil Coulson to have my back," Clint told the bot. To its credit, it just gave him Coulson's mildest smile and said, "I know how to wait."
fandom:comics  fandom:avengers  pairing:Clint/Phil  author:Jai  author:lordessrenegade  genre:AU  genre:robots 
december 2012 by waitingforrain
Better to Be Hated (Than Loved for What You're Not) - Jai (lordessrenegade) - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]

24 facts about Tony Stark (for varying definitions of the word "fact")


written for Avengers Reverse Big Bang, inspired by this amazing art by aheartthen.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  author:jai  genderswap 
september 2012 by paradox22122

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