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Canis Sapiens
Over here in OT: hoodoo123 was looking for an A-Team werewolf fic that is somewhere on the prompt.

I, being the blatant greedy ho that I am, begged for her to write one when she can find time and if the muse bites her. ;) I'm prompting this because really? My life most certainly needs some A-Team werewolves. :D
author:hoodoo123  pairing:Face/Murdock  genre:fluff  genre:au  subject:wolf!fic  character:Face  character:Murdock 
march 2013 by ateamprompts
Love Me Tender
I'd like to have some fluff pllleeeassse for that day! Movie!verse please and it can have a little angst but it MUST have a happy ending lol I am addicted to happy endings! ;)
author:hoodoo123  pairing:Face/Hannibal  genre:romance  character:Face  character:Hannibal 
march 2013 by ateamprompts
30 Genres
Earlier this year, a meme was doing the rounds of LJ which took 10 fiction genres and invited people to write a single sentence for each that would both show off their fandom and be a miniature example of the genre. Only 10 genre? How very measly! I've come up with 30.
author:hoodoo123  genre:drabble 
march 2013 by ateamprompts
GUYS!!! After 8 months of unemployment I had my first day in a full time job. I'm tired and TOTALLY in need of some Face/Murdock porn. I don't need no stinking plot, just dirty, filthy fun.
I will love you FOREVER. :* :* :* :*
author:hoodoo123  subject:PWP  character:Face  character:Murdock  pairing:Face/Murdock 
march 2013 by ateamprompts
Beggar's Night
Since we're in the month of October, it would be nice to read a "Halloween" story.

I put Halloween in quotes because I don't care if it is actually about Halloweeen or if it's a eerie/horror/creepy type thing. I'd prefer dark versus light and cute.

Here are some random ideas (not a complete list! I encourage people to dig deep for any scary idea):

The team isn't military, but a coven
Hannibal didn't know what he was getting into springing Murdock out of a Mexican prison; the pilot is actually, truly, dangerously insane
zombie apocalypse: the team during or after

There is a slight possibility I'll fill this myself (if RL calms to a dull roar; I'm not holding my breath), but I wanted to throw it out there and see if it sticks in anyone else's mind.
author:hoodoo123  subject:established-relationship  character:Murdock  character:Hannibal  subject:domesticity  pairing:Hannibal/Murdock 
march 2013 by ateamprompts
Watched Sherlock and have been thinking about whether or not the “Consulting Detective” is a virgin (naturally). Would like to see him and one of the team getting it on, what kind of relationship they might have, etc.

Murdock comes to mind as a partner, but it’s open to interpretation. Any rating is cool, could even be gen if someone is talented and clever enough to write an actual case involving everyone: the A-Team, Sherlock, and Holmes.

Any takers? Pretty please? :)
author:hoodoo123  genre:crossover  character:Murdock  character:Sherlock  subject:first!time 
march 2013 by ateamprompts
For whatever reason Murdock is the one sent to woo information out of a female mark instead of Face. Ala 'The Spy Who Mugged Me' episode.
Enter jealous!Face. Either F/M established & all "mine, mine, mine" or bonus points for this being the thing that makes Face realize.
Either way cue the Logan Ross level sexytiems.
author:hoodoo123  subject:jealousy  pairing:Face/Murdock 
march 2013 by ateamprompts

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