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HOCKEY: Screw Rhymes With Me And You, Sid/Ovie, NC-17, 3K
"You can do this." Alex nods firmly. "You once made Ilya Kovalchuk question his sexuality, you can seduce Sid Crosby."
fandom:hockeyrpf  pairing:sid/ovie  rating:nc-17  author:hapakitsune 
june 2019 by meitachi
Promises for Keeps
"Jack?" Sidney whispers, fuzzy and uncertain. "I. What are you –?"

"Hey," Jack says, grip tightening on the door. "I just thought – it might be nice for you not to come home to an empty house."

Sidney stumbles forward a step, foot catching on the doorstep, and he reaches out to grab a fistful of Jack's t-shirt. Startled, it takes Jack a moment to catch up, but he gets with the program and wraps his arms around Sidney's shoulders, bringing Sidney's face to rest against his neck.

"Thank you," Sidney breathes against him, and Jack just nods, rubbing his hands over Sidney's back to try to smooth away his shakes.
author:hapakitsune  sidney-crosby/jack-johnson  hockey 
march 2019 by sarapod
The Dragon and Her Wolves
When the truth of Jon's birthright is revealed, control of the North and Daenerys's claim to the Iron Throne are both called into question. To preserve their tenuous alliance and secure her rule, Daenerys puts aside her personal feelings to arrange a marriage of political convenience between Jon and Sansa Stark. Yet matters of the heart are complicated, and as they work to save the Seven Kingdoms from the Night King and Cersei Lannister, the three of them find that it isn't easy to keep their emotions in check.
GameOfThrones  JonSnow/SansaStark/DaenerysTargaryen  50-75  Het  Polyamory  ArrengedMarriage  Author:hapakitsune 
february 2019 by LilyC
Hockey RPF - Paint My Spirit Gold by hapakitsune [Archive of Our Own]
For fifteen years, Sidney has lived on the palace grounds in Petrograd. In that time, he has spoken to Prince Evgeni five times.
auto_save  rating:Teen_And_Up_Audiences  fandom:Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  author:hapakitsune  length:1000-10000 
november 2018 by eledhwenlin
Hockey RPF - If the Right One Came Along by hapakitsune [Archive of Our Own]
"Once there were two hockey players. One had great hair. One had a lot of brothers. This is their story." Or, Kris Letang gets a hug and Marc Staal meets a nice boy.
auto_save  rating:Mature  fandom:Hockey_RPF  pairing:Kris_Letang/Marc_Staal  pairing:Marc-Andre_Fleury/Kris_Letang  author:hapakitsune  length:10000-20000 
october 2018 by eledhwenlin
Indiana Bergara and the Treasure of Shane Madej [by hapakitsune, Ryan/Shane]
Two men walk into a forest. "We're looking for buried treasure," they say. There's no answer, so they go back to their rooms and have sex about it.
type:fanfic  fandom:buzzfeedunsolved  genre:slash  genre:rpf  wc:1001-5000  author:hapakitsune 
september 2018 by siria
Fic: Indiana Bergara and the Treasure of Shane Madej [ryan/shane, buzzfeed unsolved]
Finally, the bathroom door clicked open and Ryan asked, “Are you ready to go?” as he emerged.

Shane turned to look at him and heard something pop. He was pretty sure it was a blood vessel. Was his nose bleeding? Isn’t that what happened when cartoon girls saw a cute boy? Because Jesus tapdancing Christ, Ryan looked good. No one had the right to look that good while dressed as a knock off Indiana Jones, but that open-collared white shirt, the pants hugging his hips, the self-satisfied smirk below the hat—fuck off, he thought, staring at the delicate line of Ryan’s collarbone peeking out beneath the crisp white edge of his shirt, and oh fuck, they were filming this and he had been silent for a solid five seconds at least, just staring, and there is a camera watching him and filming his reaction to show to the whole internet. Ryan was saying something about

!locked  buzzfeed.unsolved  pairing:ryan.bergara/shane.madej  author:hapakitsune  (genre:rpf)  (content:episode.related)  (content:get.together)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:2501-5k) 
september 2018 by midnightbex
Hockey RPF - sing a lullabye by hapakitsune [Archive of Our Own]
Sidney is starting to get a reputation amongst the Pens for being the go-to guy for free childcare. Or, five times Sidney babysat and one time someone babysat for him.
auto_save  rating:Teen_And_Up_Audiences  fandom:Hockey_RPF  pairing:Sidney_Crosby/Evgeni_Malkin  type:Show_additional_tags  author:hapakitsune 
august 2018 by eledhwenlin
Due to the Dead
Debbie said, flatly, “You son of a bitch.”

From behind her, Danny said, “Now, now, is that any way to talk about our mother?”
Ocean'sMovies  DebbieOcean  00-03  Gen  Family  PosCanon  Author:hapakitsune 
july 2018 by LilyC
Fic: A Boyfriend for Christmas [ronan/lovett, pod save america]
Jon said, “So you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend.”

“No acting required,” Ronan said. “Just—don’t correct them if they make that guess to your face.”
!locked  pairing:ronan.farrow/jon.lovett  author:hapakitsune  (genre:rpf)  (content:coming.out)  (  (content:pining)  (content:friends.with.benefits)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:10001-15k) 
june 2018 by midnightbex
Screw Rhymes With Me And You - hapakitsune - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"You can do this." Alex nods firmly. "You once made Ilya Kovalchuk question his sexuality, you can seduce Sid Crosby."
trope:first-time  fandom:hockey  pairing:crosby/ovechkin  author:hapakitsune  rating:nc-17  length:under5k  stars:7  genre:porn 
may 2018 by asebi
Let's Get Together
"I don't have a new girlfriend," Mark lies like a lying liar.

"Mark, do I need to repeat the part about the giant hickey?" asks Dustin.

"I don't have a girlfriend," repeats Mark.
author:hapakitsune  the-social-network  eduardo-saverin/mark-zuckerberg  comedy 
may 2018 by sarapod
A Girl Worth Fighting For - hapakitsune - Disney Princesses [Archive of Our Own]
Aurora is already too busy trying to figure out what to do with her life to deal with a crush on Mulan, too.
!2018  !collegeAU  author:hapakitsune  location:ao3  rating:pg  fandom:disney  pairing:aurora/mulan 
april 2018 by swisscheese
Fic: A Better Way to Wed [lovett/vietor, pod save america]
"So here’s the thing,” Jon said, dropping down onto the couch. “I need you to put your arm around me and whisper in my ear for like thirty seconds.”

“Is this a bit?” Tommy asked.  pairing:jon.lovett/tommy.vietor  author:hapakitsune  (genre:rpf)  (content:intoxication)  (content:wedding)  (content:pining)  (content:oblivious.failboats)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:10001-15k) 
october 2017 by midnightbex

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podfic  polyamory  poscanon  r  rating:explicit  rating:fourstars  rating:m  rating:mature  rating:nc-17  rating:nc17  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  rating:r  rating:teen  rating:teen_and_up_audiences  reader:duckgirlie  reader:knight_tracer  reader:rscreighton  relationship:arthur/eames  relationship:first-time  reversetrope  romance  round:4  rpf  schmoop  setting:canon  setting:pretend-bfs  sid/geno  sidney-crosby/jack-johnson  slash  socialnetwork  source  stars:7  stars:8  status:complete  sweet  tanger/flower  tanger/mstaal  the-social-network  theme:accidental.boyfriends  theme:accidental.marriage  theme:allstargame  theme:amnesia  theme:arranged.marriage  theme:bakery  theme:college  theme:coming-out  theme:dreams/nightmares  theme:firefighters  theme:historical  theme:kidfic  theme:kiss(ing)  theme:magical.realism  theme:movie.fusion  theme:nhldraft  theme:pining  theme:power.dynamics  theme:pwp  theme:regency  theme:secret.feelings  theme:wokeupmarried  thesocialnetwork  title:a  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