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Remedial Buffy
Buffy's mopey, Cordy's not, and even if they're slumming, fun is had.
author:glossing  rating:nc-17  fandom:buffy  pairing:buffy/cordelia 
june 2016 by andbless_mybaby
Now I Live Here
"Nice night," Buffy echoed. She tasted the words, weighed them, heard them in a voice not quite her own. "Nice night. Is there such a thing?"

"No, I already told you that." Xander drained his beer and set the bottle between his feet. "But it's what you say."
pairing:xander/buffy  author:glossing  rating:r  fandom:buffy 
july 2012 by andbless_mybaby
Gladly Beyond
Some odd metaphors but otherwise good. Post cotw.
slash  long  fandom:duesouth  pairing:fraser/rayk  author:glossing 
october 2011 by f_poste
gloss: Exile in Guyville
Very slowly, so each metal tooth audibly pops free, Tim unzips the hoodie, then pulls it off, one arm at a time. He shakes it out, then rapidly folds it with the scary skill of a Gap employee.
fic  author:glossing  dcu  batman  comics  dick/jason  tim 
september 2011 by fyveryunoriginal
Fic | DC | glossing: [fic] Participant Observation (Bart/Tim/Val, adult)
"I'm having sex! Regularly, in lots of different positions!"
This one story makes up for the distinct lack of Val fic anywhere. Gloss's Val is so vivid and I love the way she negotiates her way through the tangle of Bart & Tim, Bart & Val and the absence Tim & Val.
dcu  fanfic  rating:nc-17  author:glossing  bart/tim/val  bart/val 
february 2011 by silveronthetree
Fic | DC | From your memory to this instant; Or, Forensics
Dick can only take in stray details. Dumbstruck, like he's just left a movie matinee and forgotten it's still daylight out, he blinks hard and fumbles toward understanding. As the photos move, the details slide past him, farther from sense with each moment. Details -- arms, and an embracing male couple, kisses to stubbled cheeks and tongues on naked torsos, a coiled tattoo on a hairy wrist, the dark patch of hair spreading out and thickening below a man's navel.
This fic! I love it so much.
dick/jason  au  slash  author:glossing  dcu  fanfic  rating:nc-17  tim/dick 
october 2010 by silveronthetree
Fic | DC | gloss: Dum Dum Boys (Dick/Jay, NC-17)
Where are you now/When I need your noise.
I loved this so much. The changing moods, Jason's dialogue, the fact that Bruce is so present in Dick's head, and the attention to detail.
fanfic  dcu  dick/jason  author:glossing  rating:nc-17  slash 
august 2010 by silveronthetree
Fic | DC | gloss: fic: "Like Ice Is Cold" [Young Justice: Cassie/Tim het_idcrack]
Tim experiments, Cassie gets frustrated; or, two queer kids give heterosexuality a whirl.
This fic is absolutely fantastic. I read it earlier in the year before I really knew much about Tim and Cassie and enjoyed it. Now I've read more about them, I love it even more.
cassie/tim  dcu  femslash  het  fanfic  author:glossing  fives  recced.on.lj  rec:oct11  kink:pegging 
august 2010 by silveronthetree
Fic | DC | glossing: [fic] 'All other fetters' (Bruce/Selina various, NC-17) 1/2
Five (or Six) Orgasms, Some or All of Which Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne Almost Certainly Shared, Somewhere, In Some Guise or Other
The first part isn't my cup of tea but I really liked the rest of this fic.
fanfic  dcu  bruce/selina  author:glossing  rating:adult  het 
august 2010 by silveronthetree
Fic | DC | glossing: [fic] The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill (Steph/Tim, adult)
maybe this is just the newest installment in the Chronicles of Timothy Drake, World's Foremost Robinosexual.
steph/tim  dcu  fanfic  het  author:glossing  rating:adult 
august 2010 by silveronthetree
Fic | DC | gloss: [fic] Exile in Guyville (DCU Birdboys)
It's harder to be friends than lovers. Originally known as Battle for the Couch.
The birdboys doing their thing.
dick.grayson  jason.todd  tim.drake  gen  rating:pg-13  fanfic  dcu  author:glossing 
july 2010 by silveronthetree

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