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"Double or nothing," said Webster abruptly.

"How exactly do you mean to double 'everything I had?'" said Ash. He meant it to come out level, but there was a quaver in his voice.

"One more trick," Webster said. "Play, and win or lose you will walk away with your fortune." Ash stared at him. Webster made an impatient gesture. "I don't want or need your money. Or your house. Or your coat and shirt, come to that."

It was an offer of princely generosity. Ash's mouth was dry. "And what would you have from me?" he asked.

Something flared in Webster's cool expression for a moment, like a shark flashing a fin in still waters. "A month," he said.
fandom:societyofgentlemen  site:ao3  author:fahye  pairing:francis.webster/gabriel.ashleigh  -m/m  :fanfiction  :kink  :porn 
18 days ago by ozqueen
fighting vainly the old ennui
The Bowerbird wasn't playing fair; Jack couldn't debate these pieces of paper. He couldn't tell pieces of paper and a growing pile of feathers that he, too, remembered the rare treat that was eating a single piece of tropical fruit in the heavy heat of a Christmas afternoon, stickying his best suit of clothes, which had been so clean and pressed for church that morning.

(In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief.)
author:Fahye  fandom:MissFisher  pairing:Phryne/Jack  length:10k-20k  rating:T  genre:AR  genre:get-together  feelings:hmm 
4 weeks ago by darthjamtart
between the motion and the act
"They don't want it to be real," Laurent says. He touches lightly, with his fingertips, where he's written LOVE WINS. "They want us to sell them a fantasy, and they want just enough reality that they can pretend it might happen to them, one day."

Author's Note: This started life as a series of ficlets on Tumblr, now sewn together to form a full story. Although it is a Bachelor AU, it owes most of its backbone to the show Unreal.
author:Fahye  fandom:CaptivePrince  rating:T  length:10k-20k  pairing:Damen/Laurent  genre:get-together  genre:AU  feelings:fluff  feelings:loltastic 
5 weeks ago by darthjamtart
keep those eyes wide
15,384 | "If I had to have magic ritual sex with someone," Blue said thoughtfully, "Ronan would be near the top of the list."

"That is less helpful than you seem to think it is," said Adam.
fanfiction  fandom:ravenboys  pairing:lynch/parrish  wordcount:10-20  rating:r  genre:romance  author:fahye 
9 weeks ago by jana_nox
Fic: Lines on Palms [damen/laurent, captive prince au]
"Ah," says Damianos. "The game is not to be seen."

Laurent of Vere attends a wedding, plays several games at once, and finds himself in a place that he did not expect.
captiveprince  pairing:damen/laurent  author:fahye  (au)  (au:canon.divergence)  [rating:no.pants]  (words:10001-15k)  [verse:lines.on.plams] 
12 weeks ago by midnightbex
Single Use Weapon
"The king is dead," says Samuels. "Long live the king."
A story about fealty and destiny, spies and secrets, and the things we do to hold onto power.
fandom:kings  author:fahye  Loc:AO3  pairing:david/jack  WC:51-70K 
april 2019 by khyie
[FIC] we built this city - Fahye - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
"As you keep pointing out, I've died twice," said Gansey. He was so bright that Henry almost wanted to look away from him, and so compelling that he couldn't. "I don't care what I'm supposed to be doing."
fandom:theravencycle  pairing:blue/gansey/henry  author:fahye  length:10-20k  fic  podficced 
march 2019 by revolutionaryjo
the rope you began with (was never that straight) - Fahye
what happens after *after* happily ever after? into the woods character piece.

author desc:
For all of her happiness, part of Cinderella is afraid of being stuck in a small story with the same few people for the rest of her life.
author:fahye  fandom:other-musicals  category:gen  length:<5k  2012  yuletide 
september 2018 by magalisays
And All Things Nice - Fahye
this fic reads like a bingo card for shit i love: fahye, peter pan, genderswap fun, and children who are monsters

author desc:
Girls, you know, are much too clever to fall out of their prams.
author:fahye  fandom:other-books  category:gen  length:<5k  2014  yuletide 
september 2018 by magalisays
five days that were difficult and one that wasn't - Fahye
a 'five things' httyd fic about hiccup, astrid, and toothless. short & sweet.

author desc:
These days Stoick liked to clap Hiccup heartily on the shoulder, and then, once Hiccup had picked himself up off the ground and stopped wincing, declare that not even impossibility could stop his son.
author:fahye  fandom:other-movies  length:<5k  2010  yuletide 
september 2018 by magalisays
Captive Prince tumblr ficlets - Fahye
fahye's cp ficlets. some in-universe, some au, some will fuck you up way more than others.

author desc:
A collection of short ficlets posted on tumblr in response to prompts. Mostly Damen/Laurent, but highly varied in content!
author:fahye  fandom:captive-prince  pairing:damen/laurent  category:m/m  length:15-50k  2016  2017  au 
september 2018 by magalisays
fighting vainly the old ennui - Fahye
the jewel thief au one. jack is chasing phryne, and what a merry chase it is!

author desc:
The Bowerbird wasn't playing fair; Jack couldn't debate these pieces of paper. He couldn't tell pieces of paper and a growing pile of feathers that he, too, remembered the rare treat that was eating a single piece of tropical fruit in the heavy heat of a Christmas afternoon, stickying his best suit of clothes, which had been so clean and pressed for church that morning.

(In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief.)
author:fahye  fandom:miss-fisher  pairing:jack/phryne  category:m/f  length:5-15k  2014  yuletide  au 
september 2018 by magalisays
run all the lights - Fahye
fast & the furious au, in which there are both cars and sex

author desc:
He’s a slim, too-pretty boy of twenty, and the men of this particular underworld talk about him as though he’s an open flame, a sparking engine near a pool of gasoline: volatile, and not to be handled. Kid’s got balls of sheer fucking steel, Damen’s contact said.

Which must be true, because having just lost a race against Damen for pink slips, Laurent looks him straight in the eye and says, “Double or nothing?” in a voice like vodka poured straight from the freezer.
author:fahye  fandom:captive-prince  pairing:damen/laurent  category:m/m  au  length:5-15k  2018 
september 2018 by magalisays
A Divinely Attractive Arrangement - Fahye
literally THE ONLY lady susan/love & friendship fic that you will ever need. i laughed so hard i cried.

author desc:
A selection from the Private Diary of Sir James Martin of Martindale. Concerning Peas, Friendship, the state of Blessed Matrimony, and several wonders of Modern Medicine.
author:fahye  fandom:jane-austen  length:5-15k  2016  yuletide  faves 
september 2018 by magalisays
A Series of Optical Illusions - Fahye
a casefic, of sorts. freya writes almost-porn full of feelings porn about miss fisher, jack, and what the hell they are even doing with their lives. (set in england, post series.)

author desc:
This is bait, but the best bait is the truth; there is no lie in Jack's arm around her waist, in his fingers tangled through hers.

Miss Phryne Fisher sets a trap, throws a party, and reconciles her differences.
author:fahye  fandom:miss-fisher  pairing:jack/phryne  category:m/f  length:15-50k  2015  yuletide 
september 2018 by magalisays
Unwinding - Fahye
the Think of England / Bertie Wooster crossover one

author desc:
"And how do you fill your days, Mr da Silva?" Mrs Travers demanded, as though her nephew hadn't spoken.

"Oh, I try very hard indeed not to be caught doing anything that might look like real employment," Daniel said.
author:fahye  fandom:kj-charles-books  pairing:daniel/archie  category:m/m  length:5-15k  2016  yuletide 
september 2018 by magalisays
Yuri!!! in Space - Fahye
space AU where there's tons of arranged marriages and all the rich elites do "ballasting" instead of ice skating. fahye comes thru as usual.

author desc:
"No, see, we've all been trained a certain way. The training system is traditional; it's centuries old. Nobody taught you. You ballist like it's got nothing to do with war at all." A sleepy, extraordinary smile crawls over Victor's face. "Nobody else does it like that. That's why we're going to win."

[fic & art collab with inknose]
fandom:yuri-on-ice  au  author:fahye  pairing:otabek/yuri  pairing:victor/yuuri  arranged-marriage  2017  length:15-50k  illustrated 
september 2018 by magalisays
Interlude (Rise Up) - Fahye
a bonus missing song from hamilton by the incomparable fahye

author desc:
Secretary Hamilton, belay that shouting!
You protest too much, there's certainly no doubting
the other figments of your own brain would agree,
and so far there's been seven, plus me--but who's counting?
yuletide  author:fahye  fandom:hamilton  2015  length:<5k 
september 2018 by magalisays

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