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All Hail the New Kids - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Poe had realized even before Finn woke up that he had picked a challenging person--Force help him, maybe two challenging people--to get himself mixed up with. Somehow he still wasn't prepared for Finn and Rey.
fic  multi  ot3  star.wars:the.force.awakens  author:dira.sudis  poe.dameron  finn  rey  finn/poe/rey 
march 2017 by partofthewhole
There's My Territory - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
[Dira always does character studies so well]


Summary:"That's the beauty of this stuff," the salesman said, tilting his head toward the display Bucky had been looking at. "Nobody knows what you're keeping under your clothes. That's between you and yourself."
author:dira.sudis  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  fandom:captainamerica  featuring:insecurity  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:slash  kink:crossdressing!  kink:voyeurism!  kink:wallsex!  pairing:bucky/steve/sam  pairing:steve/sam  rating:nc17  rec:fave  psychtopics:self.harm/self.loathing  psychtopics:ptsd!  wordcount:20.000-30.000  sexuality:poly 
august 2014 by savageneon
White Hats - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill, Curse Workers Series - Holly Black [Archive of Our Own]
"Every day's your lucky day when you work for the LMD, Ray," Brad said blandly.

|| Oh my god. The tension in this is palpable, nearly smothering, but finely wrought enough that reading it is never a chore, just heart-pounding. And then, it turns out to be something else entirely. Really, incredibly excellent. Can be read without knowledge of the Curse Worker Series (as I don't have any), but hot damn, I want to read it now.
fandom:generationkill  fandom:curseworkers  author:dira.sudis  pairing:brad/nate  type:fusion  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:ohwownorly  type:takeanideaandrun  type:jobfic  type:  type:justthisedgeofpainful  length:5-10k 
january 2013 by blottingtheink
Dira Sudis (dsudis) fic: Safety
"I respect guns," Stiles repeats, standing up and shrugging his mostly-empty backpack onto the shoulder that doesn't have a gun tucked under it. He racks the shotgun and adds, "I'm my father's son."
fandom:Teen.Wolf  fic  gen  Stiles.Stilinski  Derek.Hale  author:dira.sudis  Sheriff.Stilinski  all.time.fave  words:1-3K 
november 2012 by lokitty11
Old Friends by Dira Sudis (dsudis)

"That's Derek Hale--you remember, right? He's only a few years older than us. His whole family, they burned to death in a fire ten years ago."
author:dira.sudis  cliche:kidfic  fandom:teenwolf  genre:fluff  genre:gen  featuring:children  genre:pastfic!  wordcount:1.000-10.000  rating:pg13 
august 2012 by savageneon
Don't You Shake Alone - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
Nate looked exactly like Brad always pictured him: exhausted in the full life-in-a-combat-zone sense of the word.

This is a fucking wrecking ball. I've lost two nights of sleep to it, and spent those with my heart in my throat and a whining, sputtering thing in my chest. Impeccable characterization, voices and pacing; for a story that barely leaves the house, this has tension in spades and a finely-tuned sense of love and caring in buckets.

Nate has PTSD and a baby. Brad is going to be there for them.
fandom:generationkill  author:dira.sudis  pairing:brad/nate  type:kidfic  type:ohwownorly  type:characterization  type:voice  type:somethingperfect  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:ouchmyheart  type:posttext  type:heavyheartedandlookingup  warningtype:ptsd  length:60-80k 
july 2012 by blottingtheink
Don't You Shake Alone - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
Nate looked exactly like Brad always pictured him: exhausted in the full life-in-a-combat-zone sense of the word. 62,000 words
fic  slash  author:dira.sudis  generation.kill  brad.colbert  nate.fick  ray.person  brad/nate  toread  kidfic 
july 2012 by partofthewhole
Luceat - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
They were reunited a few days later in a hallway in SHIELD headquarters, outside an otherwise nondescript door that said Philip J. Coulson.
fandom:avengers  author:dira.sudis  character:natasha.romanov  character:nick.fury  genre:gen  character:phil.coulson 
june 2012 by eleanorjane
Luceat - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
They were reunited a few days later in a hallway in SHIELD headquarters, outside an otherwise nondescript door that said Philip J. Coulson.
fic  gen  author:dira.sudis  avengers  marvel  ensemble  post-movie 
may 2012 by partofthewhole
A Little Mental Yoga - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Southland [Archive of Our Own]
John was abruptly angry, the special anger that was reserved for the obviously guilty, because Ben had Yeah, I did it written all over him.
fic  southland  slash  author:dira.sudis  john.cooper  john/ben  ben.sherman  telepathy 
february 2012 by partofthewhole
dira: Generation Kill AU Fic: Which in Your Case You Have Not Got
A conversation about shitting leads to Evan learning a lot about how Second Platoon really works.<br />
<br />
Fusion with Companion to Wolves. Dira says that this is part of a larger 'verse--THANK GOD! The characterization here is universally brilliant and very. very. tense. I cannot wait for the epic. 
fandom:generationkill  author:dira.sudis  pairing:brad/nate  character:evan.wright(gk)  type:voice  type:characterization  type:takeanideaandrun  type:alternateuniverse  type:fusion  type:awesome  type:ust  from delicious
july 2011 by blottingtheink

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all.time.fave  aral.vorkosigan  author:dsudis  author:jay_zelenka  avengers  ben.sherman  bobby  brad/nate  brad.colbert  c:doctor10  cd6  character:evan.wright(gk)  character:natasha.romanov  character:nick.fury  character:phil.coulson  cliche:amnesia  cliche:cheating  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:college!  cliche:comingout  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:kidfic  cliche:marriage!  cliche:mistakenidentity  cliche:modern  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:runaway!  cliche:sleepy!  cliche:telepathy  cliche:touchstarvation  connie.willis  cordelia/aral  cordelia.naismith  crossover  dan.jarvis  derek.hale  doctorwho  duck/dan  duck.mcdonald  ensemble  fandom:avengers  fandom:bandslash  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:curseworkers  fandom:duesouth  fandom:fob  fandom:generationkill  fandom:house  fandom:mcr  fandom:mychemicalromance  fandom:patd  fandom:southland  fandom:teen.wolf  fandom:teenwolf  fandom:vorkosigan.saga  fanfiction  featuring:children  featuring:courting!  featuring:divorce/breakup  featuring:drugs/alcohol  featuring:insecurity  fic  finn/poe/rey  finn  gen  generation.kill  genre:action  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:first-time  genre:fluff  genre:funny  genre:futurefic  genre:gen  genre:pastfic!  genre:series  genre:sff  genre:slash  het  jack/ianto  james.hathaway  john/ben  john.cooper  kidfic  kink:crossdressing!  kink:underage  kink:voyeurism!  kink:wallsex!  kivrin.engle  length:1-5000  length:5-10k  length:60-80k  lewis  marvel  multi  nate.fick  ned.henry  occupation:cop!  occupation:prostitute  ot3  pairing:aral/cordelia  pairing:aral/jole  pairing:bob/spencer  pairing:brad/nate  pairing:bucky/steve/sam  pairing:colbert/fick  pairing:cooper/sherman  pairing:fraser/rayk  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:steve/sam  pairing:stiles/derek  poe.dameron  post-movie  psychtopics:insomnia  psychtopics:ptsd!  psychtopics:self.harm/self.loathing  psychtopics:suicide  rating:e  rating:nc17  rating:pg13  ray.person  rec:fave  rec:kudos  rereadable  rey  robert.lewis  satisfying  season:3  sexuality:poly  sheriff.stilinski  slash  southland  star.wars:the.force.awakens  stiles.stilinski  supernatural  telepathy  theme:polyamory  timey.wimey  topic:dadt  torchwood  toread  type:  type:alternateuniverse  type:awesome  type:characterization  type:fic  type:fusion  type:heavyheartedandlookingup  type:jobfic  type:justthisedgeofpainful  type:kidfic  type:ohwownorly  type:ouchmyheart  type:posttext  type:somethingperfect  type:takeanideaandrun  type:thisishowwedevelop  type:ust  type:voice  universe:au  vorkosigan.series  warningtype:ptsd  wilby.wonderful  wordcount:1.000-10.000  wordcount:10.000-20.000  wordcount:20.000-30.000  wordcount:60.000-70.000  words:1-3k 

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