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Snow Storm
Jack's been a Guardian now for a little over seven months. Things have been pretty awesome so far, in his not-so-humble opinion, but his life is about to take a drastic change and he may not like where it's headed.
author:clevercorgi  fandom:RiseoftheGuardians  pairing:Bunnymund/Jack  wip  drama  mpreg  fluff  au  future!fic  switching 
january 2014 by yuurei
Jack Frost: Agent of WINTER
"Kangaroo, you'd be surprised by how many people would surrender to me if they heard you call me 'Frostbite.'"
kinkmeme  wip  author:Kayasurin  fandom:RiseoftheGuardians  author:clevercorgi  badass!character  pairing:Bunnymund/Jack  drama  au  angst  fluff  humor 
january 2014 by yuurei

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angst  au  author:kayasurin  author:kaysurin  badass!character  count:200000-300000  drama  extra:leftofcenter  extra:secretagent  fandom:riseoftheguardians  fanfic  fanwork  fluff  future!fic  genre:adventure  genre:angst  genre:casefile  genre:drama  genre:fluff  genre:humour  genre:postcanon  genre:romance  humor  kinkmeme  length:chaptered  length:epic  mpreg  pairing:bunny/jack  pairing:bunnymund/jack  pairing:jack/bunny  quality:salamander  rating:nc17  rating:r  site:ao3  slash  status:complete  switching  trope:animals  trope:bamfness  trope:family  trope:holiday  trope:originalcharacters  trope:revelation  trope:worldbuilding  type:prose  type:slash  warning:death  warning:violence  web:ao3  wip 

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