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oh shit, Stiles, I know you really needed the money, but was it really a great idea to pose for those pictures for NECKZ ‘n THROATS,
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july 2013 by opalsong
How Derek says I Love You for the first time. captain-snark - teen wolf
Stiles gets kidnapped.

It’s embarrassing actually. He finds out quick enough, arms stretched back and handcuffed around a cold metal chair in the middle of an empty warehouse, that this isn’t even supernatural.

“Fuck. I’m never going to hear the end of this…civilians,” he says, like the word tastes bitter on his tongue. 

Everything just gets so much worse too when it becomes apparent that they’ve mistaken him for “Whittemore?! You think I’m Jackson Whittemore.”
fandom:teenwolf  derek/stiles  1-5k  author:captain-snark  tumblr!fic 
june 2013 by neednotwant
Who made the first move? captain-snark - teen wolf
Stiles stays in Beacon Hills for college while the rest of the pack goes off to school. (His father has a scare..werewolves or health or something that keeps Stiles firmly tethered).

He goes to a local university, figures he can transfer later for way cheaper, so it makes sense, really. He’s fine with it.

And then he and Derek just get closer and closer because they’re stuck together you know? And Stiles gets a job in town, something mindless, like at the Frozen Yogurt place on Main, and sometimes Derek gives him rides home when the Jeep is on the fritz.
fandom:teenwolf  derek/stiles  0-1k  tumblr!fic  author:captain-snark 
june 2013 by neednotwant
Jealousy. captain-snark - teen wolf

Stiles doesn’t get jealous so much as he gets insecure. He knows what Derek looks like, and even if that isn’t the measure of what he’s begun to mean to Stiles he knows what other people see, and it’s never him.

Girls and guys alike flirt with Derek when they’re out together, like Stiles is so Stiles they can’t even comprehend the unfathomable possibility that they’re together. But the thing is Derek always ignores them, so Stiles doesn’t get jealous so much as he gets worried that one day Derek is going to get a better offer.

Derek, though, Derek’s the jealous one. His jealousy is born more of possessiveness than anything, it’s instinct and animal though he hates admitting it.
fandom:teenwolf  derek/stiles  1-5k  genre:angst  author:captain-snark 
june 2013 by neednotwant
Bryce!Verse - captain-snark - teen wolf
“I think there might be something wrong with Bryce,” Stiles says to Derek one afternoon, after he’s put the toddler in the playpen in the corner of the living room. Bryce pulls himself to his feet and stares forlornly over the top of the pen at the two of them as Stiles collapses next to Derek on the couch.

“Why?” Derek asks, glancing over. Stiles sighs heavily, scratches at the back of his head and shrugs, “I dunno, he’s just…he’s been doing this weird thing lately?”
fandom:teenwolf  derek/stiles  kid!fic  author:captain-snark  tumblr!fic 
june 2013 by neednotwant
Derek and Stiles spend a summer day out. captain-snark - teen wolf
‘I’m bored’ the text reads, Stiles’ fingers stuttering over the keypad.
‘so?’ Derek’s response beeps on his screen less than a minute later, which tells Stiles he is too even if Derek would never admit to something as trite as boredom.
‘I’m outside your loft’
‘Yeah I can smell you from here’
‘what do you want, Stiles?’
‘come out and play’
derek/stiles  fandom:teenwolf  1-5k  tumblr!fic  author:captain-snark 
june 2013 by neednotwant
Derek's birthday cupcake - captain-snark - teen wolf
“Hey, sorry to barge…the door was open, did I leave my physics book—” Stiles stops short in the doorway to the loft. Derek’s head snaps up, where he’s sitting on the floor in front of his window, back resting against the foot of his bed. 
He didn’t even hear Stiles approach. “Is that a cupcake?” Stiles asks instead, brows flitting together briefly, smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth. Derek pushes himself to his feet, deposits the untouched cake on the desktop and shrugs, crosses his arms over his chest and scowls defensively.
“No, it’s a bomb,” Derek snaps. Stiles throws his hands up in surrender.
fandom:teenwolf  derek/stiles  1-5k  tumblr!fic  author:captain-snark 
june 2013 by neednotwant
re: S03E02 - captain-snark - teen wolf
Derek finds him in the kitchen, icepack pressed against his broad palm, long fingers turning even paler where they grip at the gel pack.

“Are you alright?” Derek asks, a little perfunctory, and Stiles narrows his eyes, leans back against the counter and clenches and unclenches his hand, inspecting it. He shrugs his shoulders and looks at Derek.

“I dunno, it might be sprained. I probably won’t be able to jerk off for like…a week,” Stiles informs him, he flushes only slightly as Derek steps further into the room towards him, one eyebrow raised in expectation.
fandom:teenwolf  derek/stiles  1-5k  fic  tumblr!fic  author:captain-snark 
june 2013 by neednotwant
linen shopping by captain-snark
Derek getting Stiles to go bed linen shopping for him

Stiles being really enthusiastic about it

Stiles realising it’s because Derek wants nice things for his lady friend

Stiles absolutely refusing to help, feeling weird about it and going home

Stiles and Derek in a silent fight for weeks without totally knowing why

Stiles and Derek making up in the rain
author:captain-snark  site:tumblr  sterek  teenwolf  domestic!fic 
june 2013 by peachless
lend a hand? by captain-snark
Stiles breaks his arm and Derek's gotta help him out, since it was his fault in the first place.


“Kay, then make yourself useful and do my math homework,” he says, tugging it out of his backpack and shoving it into Derek’s lap. Derek just looks at him with a dumbfounded expression on his face. “I can’t hold a pencil anymore,” Stiles reasons, “because you BROKE MY ARM!” He gestures manically to the neon green cast, and Derek huffs in frustration and snatches the text book out of Stiles’ hand.
teenwolf  author:captain-snark  site:tumblr  sterek 
may 2013 by peachless
Strange Attractor [Captain-snark]
“Oh my God!” Stiles starts, and he shifts slightly where he’s sitting cross-legged on Derek’s naked back. Derek’s form falters for a fraction before he stabilizes himself, and quirks his head to look back at Stiles.

“What?” He asks.

“Lowes is having a sale on cabinet hardware,” Stiles says, excitedly, and Derek feels the edge of the newspaper ruffling as Stiles turns the page. He dips down towards the floor and does three more push ups before he pauses and says, “So?”
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february 2013 by Brandysnaps

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