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Premium Cable; BewareTheIdes15
It isn’t the fact that Jensen’s a guy that’s really bugging Jared at the moment. It’s more that he’s pretty sure Eric Kripke secretly wants to be making gay porn.
rps  jared_jensen  genre:pwp  genre:non-au  actor!jared  actor!jensen  S1  sam_dean  boys!oncabletv  genre:canon_divergence  first-time  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  kink:exhibitionism  author:bewaretheides15  challenge:blindfold  0-5k  ~ 
january 2019 by Itsokaydean
Left In Life's Best Bloom
Why is there a bald teenager wearing Lex Luthor’s clothes lying in the middle of the parking lot?
Smallville  ClarkKent/LexLuthor  10-25  Slash  Undercover  smut  DeAged  Author:BewareTheIdes15 
september 2018 by LilyC
A Wild of Nothing
"Sharp, warm points drag against his throat, and Derek probably doesn’t even need to hear the staccato of Stiles’ heart, although he’s sure he can. Can probably feel Stiles’ jugular doing a tap dance against his tongue. If he wasn’t about to die horribly, Stiles might laugh. All the hours he’s spent imagining Derek’s mouth on him and he’s finally got it." (4159 words) Sequel: "Wish I Was the Moon Tonight"
stiles_stilinski  derek_hale  stiles/derek  feral!derek  pov:stiles  pwp  underage  hothothot  kink:marking  kink:manhandling  sex:rough  first_time  fandom:teenwolf  author:bewaretheides15 
april 2018 by elwarre
A Fire Ever Burning
Sam and Dean have always been oddities among the dragonriders; the youngest man to Impress a Bronze dragon in a hundred years and a boy who turned his back on the riders to become a dragon healer instead. But when fate steps in and chooses a far different path for Sam, the brothers and all the Weyrs of Pern will have to come to terms with much greater changes in their traditions.
Author:BewareTheIdes15  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Dean/Sam  Smut  Angst  Relationship:FirstTime  AlternateUniverse-Dragons  AlternateUniverse-Fantasy  DubCon  Bottom!Sam  Miscommunication  MatingFlight  Length:10.000-20.000  OneShot 
march 2018 by Ambrosine8
Resemblance to Sense
Sam is never telling Dean anything ever again. He’s not even sure why he ever told him anything before. Not that he actually told Dean about this so much as he just didn’t deny it when Dean accused. Any which way, though, dying a virgin would be better than having Dean trying to pimp him out to every girl in a ten mile radius.

Author:BewareTheIdes15  Supernatural  Slash  fanfic  Dean/Sam  Smut  Relationship:FirstTime  Underage  Bottom!Sam  Barebacking  Virginity  Threesomes/Moresomes  Length:5000-10.000  OneShot 
march 2018 by Ambrosine8
Putting On A Show - BewareTheIdes15
note:all-time-fav Lightning fast Dean's grin slants into sly and Sam's stomach lurches hard enough that his lungs get jealous and jump in on the action. Without so much as a glance in Sam’s direction for approval, Dean lifts one shoulder and says, "I'll make out with Sam."
note:all-time-fav  +wincest  note:hot-like-fire  author:bewaretheides15  pairing:sam/dean  kink:coming-in-pants  kink:weecest  kink:teenchesters  character:sam-winchester  character:dean-winchester  kink:exhibitionsim  kink:making-out  plot:preseries  kink:frottage  kink:drugs  plot:high-school 
december 2017 by infinitefeels
Yuri!!! on Ice: Hands On Education, Yuri/Otabek
Sometimes Yuri forgets that Otabek is older than him. And not just in the "has four years of seniors on him" way or the "his old-ass body is going to crap out of competition before Yuri’s does" way or the "doesn’t have to go to fucking tutoring everyday because he graduated, the lucky bastard" way. Because, like, yeah, all of that’s true, but on any given day it doesn’t particularly matter. They mostly do all of the same stuff, and know all of the same people, and have the same job, so, like, what’s the big deal, right?


Tongues are the big deal.

(great Yuri voice, sweet and hot)
genre:cute/schmoop  fandom:yoi  pairing:yuri/otabek  author:bewaretheides15 
july 2017 by kohleyed
Maybe This Time by bewaretheides15
There are worse things than being a freshman stuck in the senior dorm. Having three awesomely hot roommates, one of whom can't stand you? Well, that's a whole different ballgame.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  college!fic  author:bewaretheides15  M 
april 2017 by mountainstomove
Get Some [Ink]
Most high school kids who got lewd, cryptic notes from their bosses would probably have said bosses sued for sexual harassment. Most high school kids don't have bosses like Jensen.
pairing:j2  author:bewaretheides15  kink:tattoos  kink:underage  bottom!jared 
march 2017 by j2andsamndean
Jared's basically the sweetest guy on the planet, except for the fact that he is actually a giant fire-breathing lizard.
pairing:j2  author:bewaretheides15  dragon!jared  kink:soulmates  kink:firsttime  highschool!au 
march 2017 by j2andsamndean
Premium Cable by bewaretheides15 // MAINBLOGREC
It isn’t the fact that Jensen’s a guy that’s really bugging Jared at the moment. It’s more that he’s pretty sure Eric Kripke secretly wants to be making gay porn. For the prompt: Jared and Jensen got the main roles of Supernatural, but the show isn't on the CW but on HBO. Sam and Dean are incestuous and at first it's weird for Jared and Jensen, having to show their asses and dicks on a regular basis as well as filming rough gay sex scenes, but they soon find out that they like each other's dick quite a lot and that they may be even more fucked up that their characters. Words: 3,000.
livejournal  hot  oneshot  jared/jensen  rps  rating:nc-17  non-au  kink:frottage  author:bewaretheides15  recced  kink:roleplay  P  haveread 
february 2017 by mountainstomove
Hands On Education
Sometimes Yuri forgets that Otabek is older than him. And not just in the "has four years of seniors on him" way or the "his old-ass body is going to crap out of competition before Yuri’s does" way or the "doesn’t have to go to fucking tutoring everyday because he graduated, the lucky bastard" way. Because, like, yeah, all of that’s true, but on any given day it doesn’t particularly matter. They mostly do all of the same stuff, and know all of the same people, and have the same job, so, like, what’s the big deal, right? Tongues. Tongues are the big deal.

(This is a filthy af pwp with an awesome Yuri voice and I love the writing style something fierce)
fandom:yurionice  pairing:otabek/yuri  Loc:AO3  author:bewaretheides15  WC:0-5k  genre:pwp 
february 2017 by khyie
Get Some [Ink] by bewaretheides15 // MAINBLOGREC
Most high school kids who got lewd, cryptic notes from their bosses would probably have said bosses sued for sexual harassment. Most high school kids don't have bosses like Jensen. Words: 9,987.
ao3  jared/jensen  rps  au  hot  torec  oneshot  kink:tattoos  inked!jensen  older!jensen  underage!jared  shy!jared  virgin!jared  first-time  author:bewaretheides15  kink:piercings  kink:mild-d/s  tattooartist!jensen  recced  bottom!jared  top!jensen  kink:toys  G  haveread  boss!jensen  boss/employee 
february 2017 by mountainstomove
On the Way Down by bewaretheides15 // MAINBLOGREC
The Winchesters have been subjected to a lot of things in the name of hunting, but the result of a spell-gone-wrong on their latest case is still pretty high on Dean's weird scale. While their father is out searching for a way to undo the magic, Dean's stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, trying to deal with his bitchy teenage brother and his own increasingly un-brotherly feelings toward him. Who'd have thought Sammy growing a pair of giant bird wings would be the least of his problems? Warnings: Weecest (Sam is 15), wing!fic, all sorts of UST, barebacking, mild gore. Wordcount: 17,300.
livejournal  author:bewaretheides15  sam/dean  hurt!sam  pre-series  place:cabin  wing!fic  cursed!sam  winged!sam  hurt/comfort  caring!dean  kink:frottage  kink:blowjob  recced  wincest  bottom!sam  top!dean  O  haveread  teen!chesters  weecest  gore  10k  character:john-winchester  first-time  bed-sharing  massage  touch  kink:masturbation  kink:mutual-masturbation  smell!kink  kink:comeplay  kink:washing  kink:dirty-talk  baby-boy  kink:handjob  fantasies  back-injury  first-kiss  scarred!sam  kink:body-worship  kink:fingering  no-condom 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
All's Fair by bewaretheides15 // MAINBLOGREC
Jensen is a powerful warlord. Jared is the leader of a faction who opposed him. When Jensen crushes Jared's faction (and possibly beats Jared in a one-on-one duel), Jensen claims Jared as his personal prize. Jared is delivered to Jensen's private rooms freshly bathed, oiled up and expecting to be brutalized but determined to keep a stoic face about it. Imagine his surprise when not only is Jensen (fairly) gentle (for a warlord), but he also pushes Jared down onto the bed and rides him. Words: 4,075.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  oneshot  author:bewaretheides15  rating:nc-17  angst  kink:bondage  dub-con  kink:knifeplay  bottoming-from-top  kidnapped!jared  warlord!jensen  slave!jared  top!jared  bottom!jensen  recced  A  haveread  leader!jared  warprize!jared  tribal  historical  place:tent  tied!jared  captive!jared  enemies-to-lovers  meet-again-years-later  scarred!jensen  role-reversal 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
Introductions by bewaretheides15 // MAINBLOGREC
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 4,400 (exactly!) Warnings: AU, shy!stalker!Jared, courting!danger!Jensen, rough sex, jealous!Jared, dirty talk Notes: Third and final blindfold fill for the prompt “Jensen's stalker is cute, in a puppy rottweiler kind of way (he's tall and huge, but obviously really shy). He seems harmless unless you watch his reactions what Jensen is on a date, or even kissing some other man. . . then his face changes. Oh, the look on his face makes Jensen shiver, and want. Jensen wants all that anger and leashed power to break all over him - so yes, he's trying to make his stalker come after him, to claim him.” Yes, I wrote stalker fic – I could not help myself. Summary - Having a stalker is not actually supposed to be fun.
livejournal  oneshot  stalker!jared  jared/jensen  jealous!jared  teasing!jensen  first-time  rating:nc-17  stalker  au  rps  author:bewaretheides15  shy!jared  pining!jared  kink:rough-sex  kink:manhandling  kink:dirty-talk  bottom!jensen  top!jared  meet-as-strangers  recced  loner!jared  awkward!jared  I  haveread 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
In The Flesh by bewaretheides15 // MAINBLOGC
Jared's one of the few people who can pass through the woods unharmed by the fierce wolves that roam there - has been able to ever since he was a little boy and befriended a wolf pup. But there's a lot more to the story than Jared knows and when it comes time to make a choice, which life will he want? Word count: 6,400 the first chapter. Read sequels.
livejournal  author:bewaretheides15  kink:knotting  werewolf!jensen  rps  angst  werecreatures  jared/jensen  slash  first-time  au  human!jared  childhood-friends  wee!J2  place:woods  mating  character:danneel-harris  character:misha-collins  verse  interspecies  alpha!jensen  character:jeffrey-dean-morgan  bad-guy:jdm  kink:blood-drinking  kink:bloodplay  recced  recced-abo  I  haveread 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
Only A Day Away by bewaretheides15
(212): ok so I'm texting you now like I promised instead of drunktexting jensen and telling him how badly I want his cock tonight. aren't you proud? (1-212): this is Jensen, hi. Word count: 2,000.
livejournal  jared/jensen  rps  au  author:bewaretheides15  drunk!jared  embarrassed!jared  oneshot  college!fic  humor  friends-to-lovers  kissing  torec  sexting  O  haveread  first-kiss  pre-slash  all-human 
december 2016 by mountainstomove
Curiosities by bewaretheides15
“You have a kitty-cat tongue?” comes out far too high-pitched and incredulous, but c’mon – Jensen has a kitty-cat tongue? Word count: 8,400.
livejournal  jared/jensen  author:bewaretheides15  felinoid!jensen  animal-traits  au  rps  rating:nc-17  first-time  humor  angst  slash  oneshot  creature!jensen  non-au  actor!jensen  actor!jared  torec  blowjob  touch  cuddling  interspecies  living-together  friends-to-lovers  first-kiss  kink:oral-fixation  getting-together  C  haveread 
december 2016 by mountainstomove

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misunderstanding  mutual-masturbation  needspdf  no-condom  no-sex  non-au  note:all-time-fav  note:hot-like-fire  note:sequel  o  older!jensen  omega!jared  on_set(spn)  oneshot  p  p:sam/dean  pairing:bucky/steve  pairing:clark/lex  pairing:clark.kent/lex.luthor  pairing:derek/stiles  pairing:j2  pairing:jared/jensen  pairing:otabek/yuri  pairing:pinto  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:steve/bucky  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:stiles/derek  pairing:stiles-derek  pairing:tony/ocs  pairing:yuri/otabek  person:harley(dog)  person:jared-padalecki  person:jensen-ackles  person:sadie(dog)  pining!jared  pining  place:cabin  place:party  place:tent  place:woods  plot:animal-transformation  plot:communication-barrier  plot:curse  plot:high-school  plot:neighbors  plot:preseries  plot:saves-the-other  porn  possesive!jensen  possessive!dean  postapocalypse  pov:stiles  powers!sam  praise!kink  pre-series  pre-slash  previous!relationship  prostitution  protective!dean  protective!jensen  protective!sam  psychic!sam  ptsd  punk!jared  pwp  quality:salamander  rating:adult  rating:explicit  rating:nc-17  rating:nc17  recced-abo  recced  relationship:coltonhaynes/tylerposey  relationship:first-time  relationship:firsttime  relationship:illya/napoleon  reluctant!jensen  role-reversal  roommates  rps-au  rps  ruiner-of-things  s1  sam/dean  sam_dean  sam_winchester  samdean-archive  sandra_mccoy  scarred!jensen  scarred!sam  schmoop  sequel  setting:au  sex:car  sex:rough  sexting  shapeshifter!jared  shy!jared  site:ao3  size!kink  skinnysteve  slash  slave!jared  smallville  smell!kink  smoking!jensen  smut  soulmates  spanked!jared  spn:au  spn:au:historical/fantasy  spn:au:not!brothers  spn:preseries  spn:season:1  spn_fics_j2  stalker!jared  stalker  status:read  stepbrothers  steve/bucky  stiles/derek  stiles_stilinski  student!sam  sub!jared  supernatural  t  t:au  tag:sequel  tail!sex  tattooartist!jensen  teasing!jensen  teen!chesters  telepathy  theme:30s.40s  theme:pre.serum  theme:sharingbodyheat  theme:space  theme:werewolves  threesomes/moresomes  tied!jared  top!dean  top!jared  top!jensen  top!sam  torec  touch  tribal  trope:feral  trope:scaryfaeries  type:angst  type:fic  type:prose  u  under-5k  underage!jared  underage!sam  underage  undercover  understanding!dean  unread  vampire!dean  vampires  verse  verse:everydaylife  virgin!jared  virgin!jensen  virgin!sam  virginity  warlord!jensen  warning:alcoholism/alcoholabuse  warning:dub-con  warning:underage  warprize!jared  wc:0-5k  wc:005001-010000  wc:10k-20k  wc:20k-50k  wc:5k-10k  wc[05]:5000-9999  web:ao3  wee!j2  weecest  werecreatures  werewolf!jensen  wincest  wing!fic  winged!sam  wordcount:0-5k  written:postavengers  year:2013  ~   

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