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Hostages to Fortune
"Those who hath children hath given hostages to fortune. Jim & Pike H/C. Pre-movie." (3137 words) Part of the Genesis Verse, set just after Kirk destroys Frank's car.
christopher_pike  james_kirk  frank(startrek)  gen  arrested!kirk  pov:pike  incarceration  series/verse  st:preseries(aos)  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:beamirang 
may 2017 by elwarre
To Hell With Butterflies
"McCoy is injured on an away mission and finds himself back in time, rescued by a pre-teen Jim Kirk. He has to decide whether to take Jim away from his hellish childhood or let events play themselves out." (9000 words, incomplete)
james_kirk  leonard_mccoy  frank(startrek)  gen  hurt!kirk  abused!kirk  timetraveler!mccoy  protective!mccoy  hurt!mccoy  abusive!frank(startrek)  pov:mccoy  hurt/comfort  timetravel  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  escape/rescue  fandom:startrek(aos)  author:beamirang  wip 
november 2016 by elwarre

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abuse:child(past)  abuse:child  abused!kirk  abusive!frank(startrek)  action  arrested!kirk  bamf!kirk  bamf!uhura  character:chekov  character:chris_pike  character:jim_kirk  character:kevin_riley  character:leonard_mccoy  character:nyota_uhura  character:spock  character:sulu  christopher_pike  confession/secrets  dark!samuelkirk  drama  escape/rescue  fandom:star_trek  fandom:startrek(aos)  fic  frank(startrek)  gen  genre:missing_scene  hunger/starvation  hurt!kirk  hurt!mccoy  hurt/comfort  incarceration  james_kirk  kidnapped!kirk  kidnapping  languages:multiple  leonard_mccoy  need:pdf  noncon/dubcon  nyota_uhura  pov:mccoy  pov:pike  protective!kirk  protective!mccoy  samuel_kirk  series/verse  smart!kirk  spock/uhura  spock  st:preseries(aos)  tarsus_iv  timetravel  timetraveler!mccoy  trope:arrested  trope:found_family  trope:grief  trope:hurt/comfort  trope:mentor!pike  trope:reveal:tarsus  trope:tarsus_iv  wip   

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