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Rituals and Traditions
Draco chained to a pillar. Harry wielding a sword. One goofy plot device. You do the math.
author:amanuensis  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  pwp  oneshot  humor 
august 2014 by yuurei
Deuxième Appendice - Amanuensis
An additional collection of letters reveals that the conquests of the Vicomte de Valmont were not confined to the ladies of the controversy.

I rec'd at fancake (epistolary, small fandoms, courtship, outsider pov)
rating:t/pg-13  fanfic:dangerous-liaisons  epistolary  length:5k-10k  ship:danceny/cecile  ship:danceny/marquise  ship:danceny/valmont  angst  author:Amanuensis 
august 2014 by eevilalice
Why SHIELD Has No Fraternization Policy
Nick Fury's orientation for new recruits has a feature that's kept under wraps. (Fury's good at burying other secrets, too.)
author:Amanuensis  pairing:Clint/Phil  fanfic  on.A03  length:5000-10000  fandom:MCU.Avengers 
august 2014 by willowanne
And Just Plain Wrong by Amanuensis
Voldemort has won, and Hogwarts is the Death Eaters' twisted playground.
author:amanuensis  harry/draco  harry/lucius  Dark  rape/non-con  fanfic  hp 
july 2014 by rosebride
A Spell To Turn Tigers To Butter by Amanuensis
Comparing the stories his enemies tell, we see that Harry remains resourceful even in the worst circumstances...
fandom  fanfic  hp  Harry_Potter  snarry  harry/lucius  rape/non-con  Major-Character-Death  Author:amanuensis 
march 2014 by rosebride
As Sharp As Sunlight by Amanuensis
A squicky fate awaits our heroes after their defeat. Can anything be salvaged?”
fanfic  Harry_Potter  hp  mpreg  author:amanuensis  harry/lucius  severus/sirius  rape/non-con 
june 2013 by rosebride
In Other Words, Thursday [by Amanuensis, Clint/Natasha]
Assassination, extraction, and morning-after breakfast. It's their version of domestic.
type:fanfic  fandom:avengers  genre:het  wc:1001-5000  author:amanuensis  pairing:clint/natasha 
february 2013 by siria
amanuensis1: FIC: Weak Points (The Avengers, OT6, Clint & Natasha -centric, ~4K, WARNING for intense violence)
When the goons open Clint's cage and drag him away, Natasha's first thought is, what do you know, this whole abduction is personal after all.
author:amanuensis  <3  clint.barton  the.avengers  avengers  natasha.romanov  ensemble  thor  4k  gen 
may 2012 by tyleet
You Didn't Think They Just Sold It To Him, Did You?
From HBP Chapter 29: "...the moment he saw us he threw something into the air and it all went pitch-black -" "- Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder," said Ron bitterly. "Fred and George's. I'm going to be having a word with them about who they let buy their products."
length:oneshot  kink:bdsm  verse:hp  status:complete  ship:draco/fred/george  author:amanuensis 
february 2012 by onethirdlilith
A World Not So Black Nor White
Sometimes you can't crawl out of the Pit. You can only be lifted out.
au  Love  pairing:harry/lucius  Over_30k  contains:angst  author:amanuensis  On_Delicious 
january 2012 by fallsslowly
A Spell To Turn Tigers To Butter
Comparing the stories his enemies tell, we see that Harry remains resourceful even in the worst circumstances...
pairing:harry/lucius  HOT  contains:non-con  contains:humour  pairing:harry/snape  author:amanuensis  On_Delicious 
january 2012 by fallsslowly
Amanuensis: Rituals and Traditions
Draco is shackled up against a pillar, because Voldemort wants to transfer to his body. Harry frees him with sex magic.
"What do you think, should I leave one sock behind for Voldemort to find and drive him crazy? I'm thinking that could be my trademark."
author:amanuensis  genre:crack  words:6.800  genre:smut  ritual  Sexmagic  pairing:Draco/Harry  kink:spanking  fandom:HarryPotter  <3<3<3 
november 2011 by shakka1
Something to Squeal About [Amanuensis]
Luna enjoys a little...after-dinner whine. [Luna/Cho]
Fic  PWP  Author:Amanuensis  BDSM  Kink  WordCount:  HP  Source 
september 2011 by Brandysnaps

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