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Obligations of choice by airgiodslv
"“I proposed a more...permanent...arrangement,” Rainier explained reluctantly, closing his eyes briefly as he put his bleeding heart on display, along with the stinging shame of rejection. “He didn’t feel that he could honor such an arrangement while serving in a Court.”"
i really liked this
fandom:blackjewels  omc/rainier  yuletide2017  author:airgiodslv 
december 2017 by Laria_Gwyn
Any Place You’ll Allow (Rogues & Queens) - AirgiodSLV - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Shit, he has no idea what the guy’s name is. He doesn’t think ‘you again’ is the sort of employee service Travis is hoping for.
"You’re in a bad position and I took advantage of you,” Gerard insists, gesticulating wildly as he speaks.

“I’m a fucking stripper!” Frank yells, just as the song ends and the bar goes suddenly quiet. There’s a weird ringing noise in his ears, and he can’t look away even as he feels his ears heat up and the pressure of curious gazes on the back of his neck.

Everyone is staring at him. Jon leans over and says into the mic, “We know, but, uh…thanks Frank,” and the earth fails to open up and swallow him whole no matter how hard he wishes it.
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:frank/gerard  author:AirgiodSLV  length:20-50k  *au 
april 2017 by starkandspangle
As close as it gets to home - AirgiodSLV - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Ryan takes in a breath, retreating from Spencer’s mind to brush against the newcomer, but when he reaches there’s nothing there.
He hears the wood creak softly as Frank sits on the edge of his desk, foregoing the chair. “Shouldn’t you be home?”

Gerard clears his throat and forces himself to look up. Frank’s eyes are soft and concerned, probably reading more in Gerard’s than he would like to share. “Spencer asked about the officer he took down,” he says instead of answering the question. It’s almost an answer; it’s the excuse he gave himself when he came here.

“He’ll be fine.” Frank’s tone isn’t dismissive, but he’s not letting Gerard dwell on this, either. “He’s in the hospital and stable. Your kids don’t shoot to kill.”

“Still. He’s pretty broken up about it.”

It’s something of an understatement; Spencer’s still in shock and not making a whole lot of sense yet. Thank God for Jon Walker.

“They know not to touch you,” Frank argues quietly. “They all know better. Faller just forgot himself. He was young, this was his first major disaster. It happens.”

“Nineteen,” Gerard murmurs, mostly to himself.

Frank swings his legs around the desk and puts his hand over Gerard’s. “No. Don’t do this, Gee.”

“He’s nineteen,” Gerard repeats, fingers curling in until his nails bite into the soft flesh of his palm.

Frank squeezes his hand, his grip just a little too tight. “So were you.”
fandom:BandomMCR  fandom:BandomPATD  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:jon/spencer  pairing:brendon/ryan  author:AirgiodSLV  length:20-50k  *au 
april 2017 by starkandspangle
Lifestyle Change
“Cobb, what did I tell you about babysitting?” Arthur says calmly. “Call me when they’re old enough to solve a Rubik’s cube.”
fic  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  wordcount:0-10k  author:AirgiodSLV  trope:kidfic 
january 2017 by attendtothebones
Amazing Grace
“Cobb’s in a coma,” Arthur says. It’s the first time he’s said it out loud; the words feel strange in his mouth. “He’s fallen into limbo. Mal and I can’t wake him up.”
author:airgiodslv  fandom:inception  clever 
october 2016 by little-thoughts
✢ Deep Inside of You
"It’s not every day that Spencer gets to do something with Brendon that Brendon’s never done before. There have been a few, but mostly they covered all of them in those first few heady months when this thing between them was new and they both wanted to try everything. The fact that this is one of those things they’d never even talked about or considered makes Spencer’s blood rush." (oneshot)
  brendon_urie  spencer_smith  brendon/spencer  sub!brendon  bottom!brendon  dom!spencer  top!spencer  pwp  hothothot  kink:figging  kink:bdsm  kink:d/s  kink:spanking  established!relationship  fandom:bandom  author:airgiodslv 
september 2016 by elwarre
Prompt Post No. 12: inception_kink
Garter belts and thigh-highs. They're sexy, and the perfect place to hide knives and small but effective guns.
fandom:inception  author:airgiodslv  genderbending  relationship:arthur/eames 
september 2016 by little-thoughts
Lifestyle change
Arthur and Eames get roped into taking Philippa and James trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.
fandom:inception  author:airgiodslv  relationship:arthur/eames  sweet  funny 
september 2016 by little-thoughts
Synergy - AirgiodSLV - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
<p>There&#x2019;s only one team member that the Fischer and Rothchild jobs had in common, which means only one person who could theoretically tie the two cases together.</p><p>Whatever the FBI knows, Eames wants to know it, too.</p>
author:AirgiodSLV  fandom:inception 
january 2016 by llitchi
Call and Answer - AirgiodSLV - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
“Call if you need me,” Arthur says, “and I’ll come.”

[aka the one where arthur is an incubus. it was a goddamn lovely reread, I'll tell you what]
arthur/eames  inception  gettogether  author:airgiodSLV  20-50k 
july 2015 by thatdamneddame
Tell me to stop - AirgiodSLV - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
“You have no idea what you’re doing, okay?” Ryan says in exasperation, blowing out a huffy breath. “I’m just saying. I think…I might know a guy.”

podfic: []
fic  podfic  >15kwords  author:airgiodslv  bandom  p!atd  pairing:brendon/spencer  reader:klb 
may 2015 by carefultread
Inception Ficlets - Chapter 9
Eames swallowed. His throat pushed against the leather collar encircling his neck as he did, reminding him of his confinement, of the thick black symbol of Arthur’s ownership.
fandom:inception  relationship:arthur/eames  author:airgiodslv  d/s  hot  bottom!eames 
november 2014 by little-thoughts
Reasons We Don't - airgiodslv
“Why don’t we fuck?” Frank asks, tipping his head back to blow smoke at the sky.

There are several seconds of silence, and then Mikey’s voice strangles out, “Because I’m straight.”

Frank chokes on a lungful of smoke and laughs so hard he tears up. “Sorry,” he says, turning and waving his half-burnt cigarette through the air. “I thought you were…”

“Don’t finish that sentence,” Mikey orders, his voice actually cracking a little. He steals Frank’s cigarette and sucks in a healthy amount of smoke before passing it back. “I just wanted to let you know we were starting again.”

“Thanks,” Frank says. “I’ll be right in.”

He smokes fast, dropping the butt in the grass and grinding it out with his heel. When he comes back in, Gerard is busy gesticulating over why you can’t attack a hydra with a sword, so Frank drapes himself over Mikey’s back and wraps his arms around Mikey’s neck.

“Mikey,” he croons. “Mikey, why don’t we ever fuck?”

Gerard stops talking, bewildered for a second before he slowly breaks into a smile.

Mikey turns red and shrugs him off with a liberal application of bony elbows.
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:frank/gerard  author:AirgiodSLV 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
airgiodslv: Lifestyle Change
“Cobb, what did I tell you about babysitting?” Arthur says calmly. “Call me when they’re old enough to solve a Rubik’s cube.”
author:airgiodslv  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  theme:kidfic  theme:halloween  rating:pg  wordcount:0-5k 
august 2014 by slownight
Tell me to stop - AirgiodSLV - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
“You have no idea what you’re doing, okay?” Ryan says in exasperation, blowing out a huffy breath. “I’m just saying. I think…I might know a guy.”
Arguing is clearly not getting him anywhere, so Spencer tries reasoning. “How do you even know he’s into it?” he challenges. “He could be totally normal. What, are you just going to walk up to him and say hey, my friend’s kind of kinky and I think you might be a freak in the sack?”

“You’re not a freak, you fr-- fucktard,” Ryan says disparagingly. “I saw his wrists once, they had bruises all over them. When he caught me looking, he just winked. I’m pretty sure he didn’t bolt on the last person who pulled out handcuffs.”

That actually gives Spencer a moment’s pause. He hadn’t thought Ryan might actually know someone of the opposite persuasion, someone who might actually like the kinds of things Spencer was constantly thinking about doing.
fandom:BandomPATD  pairing:brendon/spencer  author:AirgiodSLV  *au 
august 2014 by starkandspangle

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