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deancastiel: [FIC] If On a Winter’s Night a Fangirl (for alek_sandros) 1 of 2
Author: trinityofone
Recipient: alek_sandros
Pairings: Dean/Castiel & Chuck/Becky
Rating: R
Warnings: Crackishness; about the usual amount of blasphemy
Spoilers: Through 5x09
Word Count: ~12,300 words
Notes/Prompt(s): I tried to incorporate all of your prompts, although perhaps not in the expected way... In writing this story I owe many thanks to my betas, and deep apologies to Italo Calvino.

Summary: “Chuck,” Becky said, slowly and carefully and very, very seriously. “I think someone is trying to communicate with us through the fanfic.”
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july 2013 by lorem_ipsum
trinityofone: X by trinityofone (Superpower Challenge)
“You know why they’re sending you.”

Elizabeth nodded. “Of course. It’s an exploratory mission—”

“No.” The coin spun in General O’Neill’s hand, beside General O’Neill’s hand. “You know why they’re sending you.”

Elizabeth took a breath. She longed to reach out and—but no. She’d been warned; General O’Neill would not, did not react favorably to that.
stargate_atlantis  x-men  fusion  fanfic  gen  sfw  author.trinityofone  rec.all_fanfic 
december 2011 by lorem_ipsum

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