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ristrettoette: The Rest (X-Men: First Class, 1/1)
Erik sleeps on Charles' sofa, and soon in Charles' bed. This is what happens when someone saves you from drowning. He hasn't anywhere to go, any life to return to. "Erik, what on earth did you do before I found you?" Charles says.

He finds it difficult to explain, not least of all in a foreign language. He wasn't Erik. He was an arrow then. [...]

He doesn’t speak German anymore, if he can help it. Everything he wants to say, he says in English. He made the decision a long time ago. English is like a second layer of skin, separating him from the force of the words.
x-men  fanfic  slash  sfw  charles/erik  author.ristrettoette  rec.all_fanfic  rec.flawless 
january 2012 by lorem_ipsum
A Brief History of Modern Magic (1/3)
Lovely crossover with Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
author.ristrettoette  genre.crossover 
july 2011 by tropes

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