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The King Of Second Chances - by luninosity - fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
The kitten, with a tiny wail of protest, landed safely in Charles’s hands, and then tried to bite him. Erik tried not to laugh. “Are we done now?”
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october 2012 by lorem_ipsum
luninosity: fic: If Ever
The mission was going well so far, if the term well could be stretched to cover champagne and laughter and shared beds at an entirely unsubtle strip club. Angel had agreed to come along with them; Charles, radiating glee at this initial success, went off to make a call to the CIA, and probably put two dozen passersby into a better mood along the way.

Erik waited until he was distracted, and then snuck around the corner and caught up to Angel before she left. He had a question for her.
x-men  fanfic  slash  charles/erik  author.luninosity  rec.all_fanfic 
october 2011 by lorem_ipsum

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