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lo0o0ony_lauren: something to ponder.
Once, in the late nineteen-thirties, Mitchell expressed to Herrick his shock that mankind could be so abominably stupid – so stupid, in fact, that the generation of young men he himself had been sent to hell and back with could grow up, get old and fat and forget, and send a whole new generation of young men to their muddy graves. He did so thusly: "That fucking idiotic bunch of cunts!"

Herrick was sat across the room, on the other bed; the two of them were, at this time, renting rooms in Marylebone, close to the Queen’s Hall. Herrick liked the music, listening with his eyes closed and a look of intense concentration on his face, and Mitchell liked the people. Or something of theirs, anyway. It was about a quarter past eleven, they had the curtains closed, and the second world war had just been announced over the wireless.

Smiling his inscrutable smile, Herrick withdrew a cigarette from the packet in his pocket, lit it, and inhaled. He licked the corner of his mouth. "How charming it is," he said, voice low, "That you still find their innate dull-mindedness surprising."
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lo0o0ony_lauren: climb the wall to make the sun rise in time, but the night had already begun.
He wondered when it was going to be a good time to mention that he needed glasses and he'd left them somewhere, or that they didn’t know each other, or that he had, in fact, spent the previous night running round in a forest, mauling things, and Mitchell appeared to have forgotten that. In fact, he was right in the midst of this thought process when Mitchell said, "I’m a vampire, by the way."

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